In Memory of Dorothy Watts

In memory of Dorothy Watts

By Ardis Dick Stenbakken

Dorothy Watts was my friend. I first met Dorothy when her husband Ron was president of the Alaska Conference and we were stationed there. She reached out to us immediately, and I liked her at once. I remember the first time I heard her speak-she gave an early talk about Global Missions (how many Sabbath School presentations to you remember from 18 years ago?). Her presentation was excellent. I invited her to speak to the Protestant Women of the Chapel (the US Army equivalent of Women's Ministries), and the women loved her! When they planned a retreat her name was the only one suggested, and she did not disappoint. Dorothy once told me that she was uncomfortable with chit-chat. But when she could plan what to say or to write, she was a pro!

Dorothy was GCWM director for one year, 1996-1997. She was an excellent mentor and a woman of vision. She saw the big picture, and set about developing resources. It is because of Dorothy that we have the leadership certification program-and what a blessing it has been to thousands of women (and men)! She confided that leaving Women's Ministries was one of the hardest things she ever had to do even though she loved the people of India; I visited her there and she was making a real difference there too. Although she was not a Women's Ministries leader there, she certainly supported it in significant ways.

Dorothy loved gardening and flowers; she was a passionate walker and "birder." She wrote at least 26 books, was a missionary, taught elementary school, founded an orphanage, raised and loved three adopted children from India, gloried in her grandchildren, and left a thousand score of friends. We all look forward to seeing her again. 

Focus on the News

Focus on the News

Adventists Pass on Life Values to Women, Seychelles

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

In the Seychelles, a seminar to give leadership skills to women members of the local Adventist churches was seen as a huge success when it also saw men coming and wanting to take part. There was a large turn-out at the St Louis Seventh-day Adventist Church where the training course took place under the theme "Women of Faith." The course was comprised of four levels, each covering topics such as self-empowerment, self-worth and self-appreciation, mental health, mentoring young women, balancing home and career, personality assessment, and spiritual gifts. Two representatives from the General Conference led the course: Raquel Arrais and Katia Reinert; they were assisted by Caroline Chola from the Division and help of the Women's Ministries director at the Seychelles Mission, Doris Bick.


Youth Congress, Israel

Trans-European Division

On May 19-22 a youth congress, "Holiness and Purity," was organized by Israel Field Youth Department. Nina Usacheva, the IF/WM director, was invited to present some seminars such as "Sexuality" and "Purity" to the girls. They had very good meetings with a very strong experience shared by one girl. The enditnow campaign was presented to all the young people. They showed strong support and signed the petition. Each one received a wristband and a pledge card.

Source: TED WM


Women Touching Lives, Niger

West Central Africa Division

Adventist women are using Christ's method to touch lives in the community. The Women's Ministries department prepared a one week training to sensitize women about how early marriage of young, inexperienced and dependent girls always leads to poverty, health problems, and violence against women. Home management, personal hygiene, and prevention of some common diseases were included in the seminars. More than 20 women attended regularly. As a result of this program, about four women are now ready to participate in the weekly Bible study small group.

Source: WAD WM


HIV Rally and Enditnow Campaign, North Rayalaseema

Southern Asia Division

The Kyathura Adventist Church sponsored an HIV rally and enditnow campaign in August. A special Sabbath afternoon program was organized with enditnow banners and HIV flexi charts that were prepared. The rally started with a prayer, followed by a short message on health. The rally went through the streets of the village. At the close, there was a short sundown vespers, prayers, and a fellowship supper. People were glad to know the biblical, healthful way of living and how to build a close relationship with Jesus. An affirmative response was received from the local people, and the leaders also received requests from the neighboring villages requesting similar kinds of rallies in their villages too.

Source: SUD WM

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Inspiration for You: Speaking without Fear

Inspiration For You

Tips on How to Prepare a Devotional Talk

The most important credential of the devotional speaker is her credibility. How believable is she? Does she testify to the truth of her message because she believes it herself? Does she practice what she is recommending to others? The answers to these questions will determine the impact of her massage.

Preparation Gives You Credibility

The Need to Pray: The first preparation for a devotional talk takes place in the heart of the speaker. It is essential to pray for:

  • the choice of the topic, if one has not already been assigned
  • God's help in the preparation of the material
  • the presence of the Holy Spirit in the delivery of the talk

Consider the Group

  • What kind of people make up the group?
  • What are their backgrounds (culture, education, socio-economic status)
  • What issues do they face in life?
  • What are their spiritual needs?

General Aim of a Devotional

  • To focus attention on God and His relationship to us
  • To provide opportunity for the listener to strengthen her connection with God
  • To encourage commitment and faithfulness to God

Specific Aim: Set a specific aim for the talk and write it down. For example, my aim is to show that:

  • God loves us completely, or
  • God walks with us daily, or
  • Forgiveness heals us, or
  • Love makes us free

Tools: Study relevant Bible passages for each of the parts of the main body of the talk. There are several tools that can help with this task:

  • A concordance to help locate Bible verses
  • Various versions and translations to compare different readings of the text
  • Bible dictionaries and Bible encyclopedias to help give the context, historical background, cultural and literary characteristics of the text
  • Bible commentaries to assist in interpreting the text. Thus, God walks with me when....

by Carole Ferch-Johnson



Book Review: Daughters of God

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Book Review

Daughters of God by Ellen G. White

Daughters of God: Messages Especially for Women by Ellen G. White is a compilation published in 1998. It is not a complete collection of everything that Ellen White wrote to or about women, but it gives a good overview and much valuable counsel. The introduction, "A Word to the Reader," says, "In today's high-pressure society many women are wage earners, often single mothers trying to provide for their families. The content of these chapters will go far toward restoring and sustaining a sense of self-respect, helping women to know that they are important and valued in God's sight." The chapters cover topics such as "The Lord Calls Women to His Service," women in the Old and New Testament, about Bible study and prayer, women as teachers, physicians, in soul-winning, and other areas of ministry, and more.

There is also good information about self-respect, modesty, health, marriage, parenthood, and even dealing with grief. The chapter "Woman to Woman" is full of useful and memorable quotes and challenges.







You can, of course, get this book through your regular Adventist book sources. Visit or call 1-800-765-6955.

By Ardis Stenbakken


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