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Welcome to New Women's Ministries Directors

Debbie Maloba: East-Central Africa Division

Before coming to ECD, Debbie Maloba held positions as Union Women's Ministries and Children's Ministries director since 1993 in the following regions: Songa Mission, North Katanga Field, and East Congo Union Mission. She loves coaching women in the areas of education and nursing and encouraging them to be involved in evangelism. Her favorite Bible text is Jeremiah 29:11. She is the wife of Jim Kazembe and mother of three girls and two boys.

Denise Hochstrasser: Euro-Africa Division

Denise Hochstrasser, from Switzerland, spent several years at Newbold College, in England. Denise has been engaged in Women's Ministries for more than 20 years. Since 2006 she was responsible for the WM Department in Switzerland. She loves to travel with her husband, but she always likes to return home to a wonderful sight high above the Lake of Thun, back to her family and her garden. Her passion is mission among women, both members and non-members. She is married and has three adult daughters.

Cecilia de Iglesias: Inter-America Division

Cecilia de Iglesisas has worked for eight years as the director of Women's Ministries of the Atlantic Coast of Colombia and seven years as director of Women's Ministries of the South Colombian Union. She graduated in social sciences, politics, and philosophy and has 20 years experience teaching in primary, secondary schools, and universities. She holds a Masters degree in Family Therapy. She has been married 27 years to Pastor Pedro Iglesias Ortega and is the mother of two children.

Pramila Masih: Southern Asia Division

For five years Pramila Masih Pramila was Director of Shepherdess to pastors' wives in the Northern India Union. She has also been a teacher for 25 years. Pramila loves to work with women and children, and she always says, "There are going to be more women and children in heaven. So let us win more souls for the Lord here on earth." She loves to cook, read, teach, and she is very hospitable. She is the wife of Pastor Hidayat Masih and is a mother of two grown children.

Clair Sanches: Trans-European Division

Clair Sanches was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She has been a secretary and started working for the church in 1972. She studied commerce at the Schoevers Institute. She also studied child psychology. The Lord has blessed her with spiritual gifts which have allowed her to serve Him for many years. For the last 20 years she has been working at the Netherlands Union as Women's, Children's, Teen's, and Family Ministries Director. She and her husband John have two sons.

Omobonike Adeola Sessou: Western Africa Division

In January 2008, Omobonike Adeola Sessou became the interim director for the Women's and Children's Ministries departments. In June 2008 she became the Women's Ministries and Education Department Director. Since January 2010 she and her husband have worked as missionaries at Niger Mission Station. She has an MA in Leadership from Adventist University of Africa. She is married to Pastor Selom Kwasi Sessou and is an enthusiastic mother of two children. She loves making friends, mentoring, and sharing biblical themes.