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MARCH 2008

Women's Challenge Issues—Threats to Health

Women’s Mental Health: The Facts

Depression, anxiety, psychological distress, sexual violence, domestic violence, and escalating rates of substance use affect women to a greater extent than men across different countries and different settings. Pressures created by their multiple roles, gender discrimination, and associated factors of poverty, hunger, malnutrition, overwork, domestic violence and sexual abuse, combine to account for women’s poor mental health. Here are some statistics:

  • disorders account for close to 41.9% of the disability from neuropsychiatric disorders among women compared to 29.3% among men.
  • Leading mental health problems of the elderly are depression, organic brain syndromes, and dementias. A majority are women.
  • An estimated 80% of 50 million people affected by violent conflicts, civil wars, disasters, and displacement are women and children.
  • Lifetime prevalence rate of violence against women ranges from 16% to 50%.
  • least one in five women suffers rape or attempted rape in their lifetime.

Research shows that there are 3 main factors which are highly protective against the development of mental problems, especially depression. These are:

  • having sufficient autonomy to exercise some control in response to severe events.
  • access to some material resources that allow the possibility of making choices in the face of severe events.
  • psychological support from family, friends, or health providers is powerfully protective.

As we follow Jesus’ example we become co-laborers with God, participating in His restoration plan to heal and enrich lives.

Source: World Health Organization, 2007www.who.int

Prayer Corner

  • Heather-Dawn Small and Raquel Arrais travel to Holland and Israel
  • For all the women who struggle with health problems Women's Ministries International Day of Prayer.


  • March 8—International Working Women's Day
  • April 7—World Health Day. World Health Day this year focuses to protect health from the adverse effects of climate change. More information: www.who.int


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