Doña Rosa Litteri de Tamburelli Receives Recognition from Panamá Government Official

Gustavo Pérez de la Ossa, General National Police Chief of the Republic of Panama, recognized, with profound gratitude, the work of Doña Rosa Lettieri de Tamburelli, granting her a distinctive plaque for the 17 years of ministry in behalf of the incarcerated women in the Rehabilitation Center for Women and the efforts made to reintegrate them back into society.

Doña Rosa Tamburrelli recently received national recognition and a plaque for her prison ministry which she began not long after she was baptized 18 years ago. She came to know Jesus Christ during an evangelistic campaign held in the ATLAPA Convention Center in Panama City, Panama. Soon after, she accepted the challenge to start a ministry in the Women's Rehabilitation Center, where she has willingly and selflessly served both nationals and foreigners.

There are many good testimonies regarding "La Nona," a loving nickname given to this strong and unselfish servant of God. She receives thanks from many parts of the world, as people, for different reasons, got to know her during her wonderful prison ministry.

Every year she conducts an evangelistic meeting within the walls of this rehabilitation center. Approximately 450 souls have given their lives to God during these campaigns. Furthermore, every week she supports and provides prisoners with toiletries, medicines, and more