Inspiration for You 

Nurture Ministry focuses on enriching the spiritual lives of women in the congregation and community, in order to encourage spiritual growth and healing, and to equip them as Christian disciples. 

The goals of Nurture Ministry

  1. To encourage each woman to develop a deep relationship with Jesus.
  2. To enable women to grow spiritually through daily study of the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy.
  3. To encourage each woman to have a vibrant prayer life.
  4. To introduce women to the power of intercessory prayer.
  5. To train women in various evangelistic methods, discipling of new members, and visitation.


The benefits of Nurture Ministry

  • An increase in Bible study, prayer, and reading Spirit of Prophecy books.
  • Women will become more involved in nurturing ministry in their church.
  • Intercessory prayer groups will become a vital part of church life.