“Homes of Hope and Healing” Seminar Trains Women in Gambia 


West-Central Africa Division

The Women’s Ministries Department of the world Church is encouraging women everywhere to open their homes to minister to other women in their community who need hope and healing.  “Homes of Hope and Healing” involves opening our homes to our neighbors for fellowship and learning.  Our homes can be places where neighbors, family, and friends gather to share hope and healing for spiritual and emotional nurture,  emphasizing His power to heal us from our sins and griefs. The Women’s Ministries leaders of West-Central Africa Division have caught this vision.

Josie Watson, the Women’s Ministries Director of West Africa Union Mission, spent a fruitful weekend in June with the women leaders, elders, and church members of the Gambia Mission Station to equip them, inaugurating the “Homes of Hope and Healing” program in Gambia. More than 80 participants pledged to train others and open more small groups. By the grace of God, 19 small groups have been formed with full participation of the leaders of that area.

Josie Watson - WM Director, West Africa Union Division