To Start the Program

  1.  In this ministry, we open our homes to women in our community.
  2. Invite women to come to your home or other non-church location if possible.
  3. You may choose to offer a light meal. (optional)
  4. Share your personal testimony of what Jesus has done for you.
  5. Invite them to join you in an eight-week “Homes of Hope and Healing” journey.
  6. Explain that this is a 6- or 8-week program. (Length is flexible.) Keep it short to accommodate people’s schedules.


“Our time here is short. We can pass through this world but once; as we pass along, let us make the most of life. The work to which we are called does not require wealth or social position or great ability. It requires a kindly, self-sacrificing spirit and a steadfast purpose. A lamp, however small, if kept steadily burning, may be the means of lighting many other lamps. Our sphere of influence may seem narrow, our ability small, our opportunities few, our acquirements limited; yet wonderful possibilities are ours through a faithful use of the opportunities of our own homes. If we will open our hearts and homes to the divine principles of life we shall become channels for currents of life-giving power. From our homes will flow streams of healing, bringing life and beauty and fruitfulness where now are barrenness and dearth.”  Ministry of Healing, p. 355 

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March 3 – Women’s International Day of Prayer

March 21 – International Day Against Racial Discrimination

April 7 – World Health Day



  •  For the Big Cities
  • For Revival and Reformation
  • For Women’s Mental Health
    For the outpouring of the Holy Spirit