If you can read this, you are blessed. If you know Jesus, you are doubly blessed. And if you read Blessed, and if you share it, you will continue to be blessed and so will others. A blessing for every day of the year.


Blessed is the title of the 2013 Women’s Ministries devotional book for women. I feel blessed to have been able to prepare the many devotionals submitted by hundreds of women from around the world. What a joy to read how God has blessed these women—with many different challenges, from different backgrounds, with varied experiences—but all precious and blessed daughters of our heavenly Father!

The God-inspired devotional book project began back in 1992, which means this new volume is the 20th anniversary edition. And I do believe these books are a God-inspired idea. When the project began, it was seen as a one time idea, but that book was so well received, and so many blessings flowed from it, that the books just kept coming, and kept blessing. Not only are those who read the books blessed, but every woman who receives a scholarship from the profits of these books is blessed as well. And blessings continue through the service these amazing women are already giving to their families, churches, and communities.

There are several ways you can help these blessings to continue.

  • Buy a book for yourself.
  • Buy extra copies; they make wonderful Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day, or hostess gifts—something for every day of every season.
  • Write a devotional to be included in a future book.

Perhaps you could apply for one of the Women’s Ministries scholarships or tell some other deserving woman about them. You can also make a contribution to the scholarship fund. At http://women.adventist.org  you can learn how to donate, how to apply, and also find guidelines for writers.

We invite you to enjoy the 2013 women’s devotional book. You are, can be, and will be blessed.

Ardis Stenbakken, editor




Worldwide Holy Spirit Prayer Fellowship

Seventh-day Adventists in “777” are praying, 7 days a week at 7 (a.m. or p.m.) for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit’s power and presence. Follow the link: http://www.revivalandreformation.org  

 Prayer Corner

  • For peace and healing for women
  • For oppressed women and children around the world
  • For the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
  • For the WM outreach Projects in the communities


 September 8
International Literacy Day

September 21
International Day of Peace

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
National Domestic Violence Month

October 1
Devotional Book deadline

October 10

October 31
Scholarship Program applications deadline