Euro-Africa Division becomes Inter-European Division

The Annual Council of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church voted October 2012 to change the name of the division because of the 2011 reorganization which placed the Muslim countries into the Greater Middle East Union now attached to the General Conference. The name Inter-European Division more accurately depicts the territory of the division. The acronym will remain EUD.


Women, Poverty & Economics

Facts and Figures

  • In some regions, women provide 70 percent of agricultural labor, produce more than 90 percent of the food, and yet are nowhere represented in budget deliberations
  • In Mexico, women in paid employment devote an additional 33 hours to domestic chores per week, while men’s weekly contribution six hours.
  • If the average distance to the moon is 394,400 km, South African women together walk the equivalent of a trip to the moon and back 16 times a day to supply their households with water.
  • In Arab states, only 28 percent of women participate in the workforce.



Wall of Women of Distinguished Service

A wall in the new location of the GC Women’s Ministries features Women of Distinguished Service. Although the wall of portraits has been a stop on the GC tour in the former location, the display now boasts new signage and 14 portraits of women currently serving in each of the 13 divisions and one in the GC. A new brochure featuring the biographies of each woman represented on the wall has been published.




Prayer Corner

  • 10 Days of Prayer
  • Peace and Healing for Women
  • Revival and Reformation


Calendar : 2013 Important dates

February 1
Statistical Reports due in GCWM office

March 2
Women’s International Day of Prayer

June 8
WM Emphasis Day

August 17
enditnow Day

October 1
Devotional Book deadline for submissions