Mission to the Cities: REACHING KINSHASA

East Central Africa Division (ECD)

“Outreach is for Everyone” is not simply a goal of Women’s Ministries in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is reality. Adventist women gathered in the city marketplaces of Kinshasa for a self-appointed community service day, March 10, to clean up around food stalls after a week of training in February with ECD WM Director Debbie Maloba.

During a week of training in Kinshasa, women
commit to outreach plans.

Surprised Provincial Authority agents discovered the unusual and desirable activity. Soon the Ministry of Environment asked church members to partner with the government to inspire residents to keep city markets clean. The project’s message, “Garbage Kills but Cleanliness Heals,” also effectively communicates the Biblical health message.

Prison ministry is the next most important project chosen by the 826 women trainees. Political instability in the Congo cannot solve problems at a local prison, such as overcrowding (6,000 inmates in a facility built for 1,500), poor diet and living conditions (skin diseases such as scabies and mycosis never heal), and the inmates’ feeling of abandonment by anyone who might care.

Women joyfully clean city markets for health reasons.

Presidents of the West Congo Union and local field accompanied representatives from Women’s Ministries and twenty women to the prison, May 1, to deliver bulk food (such as rice, sugar, fish) for 1,000 prisoners. With permission from the prison director, they established a program to support and evangelize sick and abandoned prisoners. Four women each committed to visit four women three times a week. The union women’s ministries director (with support from the local field chaplaincy director) launched weekly Bible studies using Mark Finley’s DVD, New Beginnings.

Government officials observe these passionate women and invite them to partner in future projects.

Through the consistent, caring ministry and constant prayers of these women, inmates hear the Word of God. Lives are touched. Joy, peace, and hope can be seen in their faces. Many have given their hearts to God and request baptism. Some have received healing and deliverance from God.

Source: Debbie Maloba, ECD WM Director