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Trans-European Division (TED)

Encountering Jesus

Three young women receive WM scholarships.

[Serbia] Personal encounters with Jesus are revealing, refreshing, and life-changing. So desirable is an encounter with Jesus that both genders and all ages were invited to a tri-conference Women’s Ministries Congress in Novi Sad, Serbia, May 24, 25, with guest speakers, TED WM director Clair Sanches and her pastor/psychologist husband John Sanches.

The participants’ experiences with fresh insights and decision-making moments were facilitated by carefully selected poetry, music, prayer time, Bible studies, presentations, and dramatic monologues presented by New Testament women who encountered Jesus. The participants’ responses—to use more of their time, talents, and influence—were primed by contemplating how God values women in ministry and calls women to be involved with sharing the gospel.

     All genders and ages participate in Serbia's tri-conference WM Congress.

Only truly changed men and women can give God glory through their lives and influence and become a blessing to others, Clair Sanches pointed out. Only truly changed people empowerd by the transforming control of the Holy Spirit can inspire others to change, emphasized John Sanches.

Three female students at Belgrade Theological Seminary were awarded GC WM scholarships, and Adventist high school students with their teachers also participated in the program.


Source: Marija Trajkovska, WM director, South-East European Union Conference


South Pacific Division (SPD)

Engaging girls and young women of the church is the main goal of SPD WM in their current five-year strategic plan.

Mentoring Teens and Developing Young Leaders

Small groups make time for prayer.

[Solomon Islands] Women’s Ministries in the Solomon Islands hosted their first age-specific congresses for teens and young women. The success of “Real Beauty,” which attracted 90 teenagers, is revealed in their request for another conference. “Real Friends” will be next year’s theme.

Many mature women assisted conference organizer Beverly Maega, Solomon Islands WM director, in the role of group mentors, helping the teenagers understand that Jesus makes them beautiful as they grow in Him. Real beauty, the girls learned, is not outward good looks, but the inner loveliness that comes from knowing Jesus loves them.

Fifty young women under age 40 attended “My Choice, My Destiny.” WM leaders throughout the union were overjoyed as these young women discovered their leadership gifts. Time spent in prayer groups allowed participants to contemplate God’s will and plan for their lives.      

Source: Erna Johnson, SPD WM director


Teens enjoy "Real Beauty" conference and ask to meet again.

“True beauty starts from the inside and radiates out. It is our job to cultivate the
beauty of our inner woman bytaking time to think, prioritize and meditate.” –Erna Johnson




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