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Mission to the Cities: REACHING BEIJING

Northern-Asia Pacific Division (NSD)

Stella Hong, a deaconess of the Penang (Malaysia) English Adventist Church, had a dream to train young people to use their livelihood as a platform for sharing the gospel in China. Hong wanted to use her skills as international consultant and trainer in beauty and complementary therapies and her experience as managing director of three schools in Malaysia. By God’s providence, Stella met Dr. Sally Phoon, NSD WM director, and the Urban Evangelism Project for Beijing was conceived with support from the China Union Mission, Northern Asia-Pacific Division, and the General Conference Women’s Ministries. These are the steps implemented in the plan with the results.

  1.  Find a willing congregation to host the training of willing church members. Gangwashi Church in Beijing under leadership of woman elder Chen Yaxien responds.
  2. Equip 16-20 church members in skills of massage and cosmetology.  Stella and her trainer, Cheah Hooi Sen, arrive in April to launch four weeks of coursework. Since many churches rent their facilities for weddings as an outreach project, bridal makeup and hair styling is added to the curriculum.
  3. Assist students with seed money for purchasing the necessary materials for class. Students then also generously combine their own funds to cover expenses for all members in this first group.
  4. Nurture students with spiritual guidance during the training.  Through daily worship Sally Phoon, NSD WM director, and Joyce Sham, China Union Mission associate WM director, uplift and challenge students.
  5. Encourage students to plan their own future businesses.  With Elder Chen’s encouragement, the leader reports, “All sixteen of us intend form our own company with the intention of reaching the people of Beijing with the love of Christ.” These independent consultants will meet all kinds of people while satisfying their needs. As urban missionaries reminiscent of the Apostle Paul’s tentmaking work, they will make friends and find opportunity for spiritual conversation when they gain entrance into homes that never open doors to colporteurs or pastors.
  6. Identify potential leaders to continue the program and certification process in China. Stella and Hooi Sen mentor students to become skilled trainers.

Source: Sally Phoon, ESD WM director

Happy graduates.