It's Time

Mission to the Cities

[Silver Spring, MD] World church administrators adopted the document, “It’s Time—The Urgency of Urban Mission: Plans for Mission to the Cities,” at Annual Council, October 2013. All church entities, departments, and members are called to focus on urban mission because “more than half the global population lives in urban areas for the first time in human history. By 2050 it is expected that 70 percent of the world will live in cities.”

The Church (with its entities and members) is called to sacrificial sharing of means to respond to the challenge of urban evangelism. “We have a vital task to carry out, and we resolve to proclaim the message of the kingdom in every metropolis on earth—no matter the cost.”

Participating in urban mission will require careful attention to:

  1. Reaching the least-reached people groups within a city
  2. Participating in community services
  3. Encouraging personal witnessing
  4. Embracing health ministry
  5. Developing integrated media evangelism
  6. Empowering, equipping, and inspiring disciples for mission
  7. Establishing centers of influence
  8. Enhancing small group ministries
  9. Distributing literature
  10. Conducting public evangelism
  11. Developing relationships with public authorities

By 2050, 70% of the world will live in cities.



Women’s Ministries Respond to It’s Time

God’s desire for us is not merely physical healthy but also emotional health. Hopes for Hope and Healing is an eight-week small group study providing biblical principles of sound emotional health. Each lesson focuses on the emotional reactions of a biblical character to events in their lives. Their experiences help us cultivate emotional health and strength founded on faith. This resource not only benefits us, but those in our community whom we want to reach. As a tool for outreach and service, these lessons provide a bridge to the people in your community.


To download Homes for Hope and Healing Small Group Bible Study, go to


Focus on the News

Focus on the News


God Can…When You Cannot

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID)

[Southern Africa] Zodwa Kunene, South African Union Conference (SAUC) WM director, and her team hosted two WM congresses in March and April. "God Can…When You Cannot" was the theme for both events held in South Africa, and again in Namibia. Main speakers were Caroline Chola, SID WM director, and Heather-Dawn Small, GC WM director.

 The congress in South Africa was a union-wide congress. For Namibia, which is a new conference, the congress held great historical significance because it was the first WM congress in that country. The purpose of these congresses was to nurture our sisters spiritually and emotionally and to empower them for outreach. For outreach inspiration the ten ministry postcards were printed on banners.

 The highlight of both congresses focused on the Second Coming of Jesus, Sabbath afternoon. Three young women attired as the Three Angels of Revelation 14 reminded at the audience through a skit that Jesus is coming soon. Then each woman in attendance received a crown to wear and to keep reminding her of the hope of heaven soon to come. Small’s closing message urged her sisters to look forward eagerly to the Second Coming of Jesus.

Sunday morning attendees dressed in their cultural costumes. They took delight in also dressing the WM leaders from the union, division, and General Conference in traditional wear from each region.

Contributed by Heather-Dawn Small, director, General Conference Women’s Ministries

To download 10 Ministry Postcards, go to

Women of Nepal Begin Microbusinesses

Southern Asia Division (SUD)

[Nepal] Women in the church and community of Thumpakharka and Kariping near the border of China received gifts in February to begin income project generation. A sewing machine and female goats, funded by Women’s Ministries, funded by Women’s Ministries Departments of the General Conference (GC WM) and Southern Asia Division (SUD WM), were presented to each church when Raquel Arrais, GC WM associate director, visited Nepal with Premila Masih, SUD WM director. The Nepal Section President Umesh Kumar Pokharel and local pastors attended the even that included uplifting presentations by Raquel and Premila.

The two WM leaders also spoke at a retreat fro women of the Banepa Church, comprising the cities of Kathamandu, Dapcha, Saga, and Gathaghar. These women received a gift when their pastor presented each one with a wristwatch as a token of his support and encouragement.

Contributed by Pastor Umesh Kumar Pokharel, present Nepal Section


Local Church in Peru Plants Seeds in the Community

South American Division (SAD)

[Lima] Families frolicking in a neighborhood park in February leadered about enditnow, Women’s Ministries program to stop violence and abuse, when they sampled cooked quinoa (an Andean cereal) in delicious, healthy recipes. Church members desired to meet neighbors of the church and become a known presence. They set up a temporary booth on a warm Sunday to attract visitors. More than 100 people interacted with the church members. While women discussed healthful cooking and ending violence, others introduced children to insects from God’s creation with Vacation Bible School styled activities, and medical students took blood pressure readings.

Contributed by Caroll Castro, Lima, Peru church member


Inspiration for You

Inspiration for You

Essentials Every Leader Should Know

Whether you are leading a ministry, an organization, or a family, God has given you a special mission. To fulfill that God-given purpose, secular leadership principles won’t be enough: you need to know biblical principles of leadership.

  •  If you are a leader, lead! Don’t drive people! Don’t dictate! Make sure that you are with the people and that are with you.—Jim Gilley
  •  Maybe you are saying, ‘Don’t look at me, Lord!’ But if you are a Christian, you are a leader!—Cindy Tutsch
  • Humility is necessary because success in leadership can be its greatest danger!—Prudence LaBeach Pollard
  • Pulling rank and making power polays is not leadership.—David S Penne
  • There is nothing more dangerous to leadership than the individual who is not self-aware.—Dan Jackson
  • Be willing to stand for what is right ‘though the heavens fall.’ Do not fear to take a stand for something even if it is not popular.—Ted N C Wison

Quoted excerpts from As I Follow Christ: 20 Essentials Every Leader Should Know, Dwain Esmond, editor, Review & Herald Publishing Assciation, c2013.

WM Special Projects

The Grandmothers Project

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID)

[Lesotho] When HIV infected people in Sub-Sahara Africa become too ill to work and eventually die (leaving more than 11 million orphans), grandparents are becoming primary breadwinners and caregivers for their children and grandchildren when traditionally they have expected to enjoy the support of their families.

General Conference Women’s Ministries (GC WM) is financially partnering with Adventist AIDS International Ministry to support the Leribe Training Center in Sesotho. Grandmothers from 17 villages are trained for skills in HIV prevention, self-sustainability and development, especially kitchen gardening and nutrition. You can help GC WM give hope and a future to these grandmothers and orphans.

Donations may be sent by check, money order, or credit card to GC Women’s Ministries, 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904 USA


Special Days

May 31- World No-Tabacco Day

For World No-Tobacco Day 2014, World Health Organization and partners call on countries to raise taxes on tobacco. Research shows that higher taxes are especially effective in reducing tobacco use among lower-income groups and in preventing young people from starting to smoke.

June 23 - International Widow’s Day

No woman should lose her rights when she loses her husband—but an estimated 115 million widows live in poverty, and 81 million have suffered physical abuse according to United Nations. Source:


Revival and Reformation

Christ calls us to a deeper relationship with Him through prayer, Bible study, and a more passionate commitment to share His last-day message with the world.

Prayer –

Bible Study –

Witness –


Ministering to Widows

Abuse of widows and their children constitutes one of the most serious violations of human rights and obstacles to development today. Millions of the world’s widows endure extreme poverty, ostracism, violence, homelessness, ill health and discrimination in law and custom.

To give special recognition to the situation of widows of all ages and across regions and cultures, the United Nations General Assembly declared 23 June 2011 as the first-ever International Widows’ Day, to be celebrated annual.



Urban Mission: Mumbai Central Church reaches Widows

Southern Asia Division (SUD)

[India] Some 40 million widows live in India. Many live alone in the streets without a place to go. In March Women’s Ministries of Mumbai Central Church reached out to 55 widows of their community, encouraging them to receive help and care. Seminars and messages were presented to uplift them. The widows were blessed with a sari (given by the union) followed by fellowship lunch. Mumbai is the targeted Urban City for SUD’s Mission to the Big Cities evangelism.


2013 Women’s Ministries Global Statistical Report

48,462 Reclaimed members

50,420 Series of evangelistic meetings

51,984 Training Seminars

31,622 Retreats, congresses, conferences

1,270,125 SDA women attending

10,912 Non-SDA women attending

111,722 New members (baptisms)


 Prayer Corner

  • For the widows in the world
  • Women’s Emphasis Day
  • Abuse Summit at the General Conference
  • Evangelistic Campaigns Globally
  • Homes of Hope and Healing



May 1-4  enditnow Summit on Abuse 2014

May 15  International Day of Families

May 31  World No-Tobacco Day

June 14  Women’s Emphasis Day

June 15  World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

June 23  International Widows’ Day

June 26  International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Traffic