Congress Attendees Appreciate Being Princesses in God's Family

Southern African-Indian Ocean Division (SID) August 2014

[Gaborone, Botswana] More than 400 women attended the WM Conference held at the University of Botswana. Pastor Lerato Makombe of South Africa was keynote speaker for the young ladies. Using the conference theme, “I am a woman, a woman God can use,” Caroline Chola, SID WM director, addressed the women in her keynote devotionals.

Everyone (men included) received a crown to wear on Sabbath as a reminder to behave like God’s princesses (or princes) and that they are loved unconditionally by their Father in heaven. They were encouraged to “be the change, live the change,” and to spend time on their knees. Sabbath afternoon seminars included Chola’s presentation, “Your Handbag of Assets for Being God’s Princess.” Dr. K Keanope, Botswana Union president, challenged every woman to spread God’s word.

Friday’s conference seminars focused on Entrepreneurship. Attendees of Sunday’s prayer breakfast enjoyed wearing white outfits, hats, and pink shawls.

Contributed by Caroline Chola, SID, Women’s Ministries Director



Botswana Women Dress Up for Prayer Breakfast

On the last day of the Botswana Union Women's Ministries Congress, ladies attended a special prayer breakfast that fostered bonding and laughter. Women attended from across the country dressed in hats, pink shawls and white outfits.

Women spent hours praying for many things: the leadership of the country, the church and community, the abused, the sick, mothers, singles, families. Her Honor Mercy Garekwe shared her personal journey and the challenges she faces being a High Court judge with Christian principles.

Pastor Lerato Makombe reminded the attendees they were created for "His Purpose" and that “there is none like Him.” Makombe also paid special attention to Young Adventist Women who attended.

Contributed by Susan Williams, Botswana Union Conference Women’s Ministries director