Women Determined to Become Involved in the Mission of the Church

East-Central Africa Division (ECD) April 2014

[Kolwezi] The City of Kolwezi, Katanga Province, South Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), was the venue for the East Congo Union Mission (ECUM) Congress, April 23-26. 2014. Leaders who conducted the seminar of more than 600 women from all over the province were Heather-Dawn Small, Director of GC Women’s Ministries, and Debbie Maloba, ECD Director for Women and Children’s Ministries Departments, and Ilunga Kamwanya Mevis, ECUM Women Ministries Director.

The theme, “Woman, Wake Up and Be Enlightened,” impacted many with renewed hope and trust in God. During four days women and young ladies who came from all the Fields and Missions within ECUM were blessed by the presentations.

The Congress was not just a blessing to our Adventist women but also women from other denominations and faiths religious. They returned to their territories with determination to get involved in the work of the Mission, to reach out to communities with the message, especially, in evangelism.  At the end of the congress, participants distributed 560 Great Hope books.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a big country on the continent of Africa. It is endowed with numerous mineral and natural resources, yet people, especially women, have challenges due to wide spread poverty. Women need to be taught how to use their time wisely in order to schedule daily devotions and reading the Bible alone and with the family. They need training to improve their health conditions and to be leaders in their communities. Let us continue praying for women in DR Congo.

West Katanga Field is one of the 3 Fields and 2 Missions in East Congo Union. Geographically it is situated to the west of Lubumbashi with Zambia to the southwest and Angola to the northwest.

Contributed by Debbie Maloba, ECD Women’s Ministries Director