Women: Fulfilling End-Time Mission

[Bangkok] The first Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD) Women’s Ministries Congress was held in Bangkok, Thailand, July 2014. Although similar events have been held in Southeast Asia under the auspices of Far Eastern Division, this is the first congress hosted by SSD since the territory was divided into two divisions in 1997.

Singers from Indonesia

Keynote speaker Nancy Wilson, wife of the world church president Ted Wilson (pictured above), encouraged attendees to recognize their uniqueness as women and to see that they have much to offer to God in their service of end-time mission.

Featured speaker Raquel Arrais, GC WM associate director, described three types of special calls to women from God and challenged them to remember that “God does not use the most talented people in the world; He chooses the ones He can use best.”

Attendees from Bangladesh

Workshops and seminars centered on the theme “Women: Fulfilling End-Time Mission” gave participants more than they expected. Erna Johnson, South Pacific Division WM director, guided women in finding their own beauty, and talents, and purpose in God, Gabriella Profeta Phillipps, Muslim Relations coordinator for North American Division outlined key points in understanding Muslim co-workers and neighbors and how best to cultivate a relationship of mutual respect and friendship, and Dr. Janice Brown, psychology professor and pastor’s wife from Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A., kept participants laughing even while learning a wealth of insights she generously shared.

Participants from Tahiti

Inspired to fulfill their end-time mission, 540 attendees returned to their corners of the world, often thousands of miles away from each other. Adding to the distances within SSD, guests also came from India, Tahiti, and the United States.

Contributed by Teresa Costello, Southern Asia-Pacific Division