Desert Flower Center helps restore victimes of FGM

[Berlin] The Krankenhaus Waldfriede (a German Adventist Hospital) opened the Desert Flower Center in September 2013 to help restore victims of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), a cultural ritual in parts of Africa and Asia. The hospital began using techniques invented by physicians who have operated on more than 4,000 women to repair damaged caused by FGM. The World Health Organization estimates that 150 million women are victims.

Somali supermodel Waris Dirie, international activist and victim of Female Genital Mutilation

The Desert Flower Center is a partnership with the Austrian-based Desert Flower Foundation established in 2002 by Somali supermodel, author, and international activist Waris Dirie, herself a victim of FGM at age five.

 “When women have lost parts of their body through misunderstanding, tradition, incomprehensible practices, crime and abuse in the past, then if we can, it is our duty to give them back whatever we can so they can live a normal life, as God has meant it to be from the beginning,” said Inter-European Division WM Director Denise Hochstrasser in her visit to the Desert Flower Center in Berlin.

Sources: Adventist News Network, September 12, 2013; and Inter-European Division WM Newsletter, September 2013. Photo credits: Desert Flower Foundation

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