Euro-Asia Division

Women's Missionary Congress Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

One-hundred-forty people from Ukraine, Moldova, and Russia attended the Women’s Missionary Congress, “Touch a Heart, Tell the World,” February 1-3, 2008. The theme was from Isaiah 62:11, “Indeed the LORD has proclaimed to the end of the world: ‘Say to the daughter of Zion, ‘Surely your salvation is coming; Behold, His reward is with Him, and His work before Him.’”

As walked forward dressed in national clothes, carrying the emblem of the congress: the hand of a woman embracing the earth. These Ukrainian women in the national dress inspired the participants of the Congress.

Tomara Moldovanu shared the message of what women can do, about their courage, about their eagerness in God’s work, about love, mercy and self-sacrifice. All the participants were moved by the story of Vasilina Shvedova. This diseased woman was near death and yet she suffered that she couldn’t serve God. Because of a miracle she was healed in the Adventist sanatorium and witnessed to the representatives of different denominations. During her illness many Catholic, Orthodox and other churches prayed for her. Today she’s full of energy and eager to work for the Lord.

According to one participant, “It is wonderful to know that sisters have no barriers: ethnic, social, cultural, because they are united by the Holy Spirit, the spirit of love, mercy, kindness, and the great aspiration to help the people to know God and be saved for eternity.”

—Natalia Lastjuk

Southern Asia-Pacific Division

Leadership Training, Philippines

Many women in the South Philippine Union Conference were impressed with the Women’s Ministries (WM) Level 2 Certification when they attended training at the Naomi’s Botanical Garden in Ozamiz City, Western Mindanao, January 17-19, 2008. The theme was “Doing Your Best in 2008.”

The 229 women leaders who attended were attentive and eager to learn. Most of them were professionals working in government services, as teachers, hospital workers, business women, or others, but all were WM leaders in their local churches. Young women were especially welcomed and encouraged to invite more young women.

Women shared soul-winning stories. Alicia Requillo Buyser from the Guipos Adventist Church says, “It provided me the spiritual knowledge…true dedication to the ministry as well as the change of my behavior which I really needed at this point of time through the help of God.”

Leadership Certification Level 3 training is scheduled for September 2009. Elsa R. Jalem from the Pangabaun Church shares, “I am very confident that I can now go forward…for I am now fully equipped. Next year is too long for me to wait for the third level seminar.”

—Helen Gulfan, SSD WM director

Euro-Africa Division

Women Serving

There is joy in a small group of women in EUD; around ten ladies of at least eight different cultures are united in love for the Lord and for the others. They meet in small groups or alone and minister in several different ways. Each week they attend trainings on the theme, “To Know Oneself Better to Better Serve,” to improve their skills in witnessing, Bible study, and prayer groups. They practice witnessing by visiting orphanages, hospitals, and the elderly. Every lady is using her own unique, creative talents with her spirit focusing on service for the Savior.

One of the women says, “We need your prayers for our Women’s Ministries leaders, for the ministry of our sisters in the church, and all the women. Only God can change the hearts of these persons so that they come to Christ and enter God’s kingdom at Jesus’ second coming!”

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