Spain's First WM International Congress

“And thousands of women will proclaim the good news” (PS 68: 1) was the theme of the Women’s Ministries Congress in Gandia, Valencia, Spain, May 1-4.

More than 500 people (680 on Sabbath) were enriched by the meditations, the topics, the music, the workshops, the friendship, the meetings with the families coming from everywhere in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, and France. Guest speakers were Raquel Arrais, GCWM associate director, Christiane Vertallier, EUD WM director, and Angelita Gutierrez, Spanish Union WM director. Pastors Jesus Calvo and Julian Rumayor, president and secretary of the Spanish Union respectively, brought their support.

WM local church leaders receive training

A mime presented by a group of six young people introduced each main topic. Four workshops presented simultaneously on the topics of positive communication, how to make disciples, spiritual gifts, evangelism, and training volunteers. The words of the theme song, “Tell the World,” were especially written for the occasion by Adriana Pereira.

The program closed with Arrais and Vertallier encouraging the women with spiritual and enthusiastic messages to continue their mission.

—María Isabel Gómez, Spanish Union

“Just Touch to be Touched”

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division WM Congress

The Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division held its second Women’s Ministries Congress in Lusaka, Zambia, in April.

An attendee enjoying
the congress

The event attracted more than 3,000 delegates and was attended by women from all the Unions: Angola, Botswana, Indian Ocean, Malawi, Mozambique, Southern Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. The theme was “Just Touch to Be Touched.”

The Division recognizes that women are blessed with spiritual gifts and its aim was to help women discover their gifts and to use them to the glory of God. The congress did this through training and support.

The guest speaker, Carol Barron from North America Division, blessed the women with inspiration preaching.
Caroline Chola, SID Women’s Ministries Director, described the congress as an eye-opener for most women who were attending the congress for the first time, “We believe that after training the women in many aspects of their life, they will go out to lift up Jesus.”

Carol Barron, guest speaker

In closing, SID President Dr. Paul Ratsara, who attended the congress, challenged the women to live up to the expectations. He gave them a challenge to conduct 20,000 evangelistic campaigns.

Many women were indeed touched. They pledged to go back to their Unions fully charged to face new challenges and further God’s work.

—SID Women's Ministries