Young Women: Help them Lead by Following Christ

Many young women are seeking Christ, but do not know where to begin. Most likely they are struggling to find purpose in their lives. How are they supposed to find their God-given talents and make use of them in the church? They need someone who can guide them spiritually and help them to grow closer to Jesus.

If we as Women’s Ministries leaders can help young women follow Christ, we can help form future leaders of the church. Here are some ways to assist a woman in finding her place:

Meet her needs in church. Church needs to be a place that she can call "her family." Have her enjoy the time fellowshipping with others and drawing closer to God. If she is alone, invite her to sit with you.

 Start a group for just those who may feel out of place. For example: teen girls, single women, or young professionals. Include all ages and cultures on your ministry team.

Get her involved. She may feel like there is no place for her – especially if there are not a lot of people her age. Treat her as an equal. Ask her to lead out or assist in Sabbath School class, be a greeter, help with a retreat, design brochures or flyers. Invite her to join a committee (for example Women’s Ministries). Ask her questions and value her opinion. Ask her o help improve and make the church a better place. Let her know that she is making a difference.

Offer hospitality. Offer your house to young women. Pray with them, help facilitate discussions or Bible studies. A plus is to provide food.

Be a spiritual mentor. Remind her that no matter what she does with her life, God wants to be in it. Everything she starts needs to start with God. If God is in her life, she can make a difference in others’ lives.

We have the opportunity to help our Christian young women. We can show them the way to lasting happiness by following Christ. It is our privilege to mentor them. Inspire them. Give them identity in Christ.

What a challenge!

What an opportunity!

What a blessing!

—Adapted from GC WM Leadership Certification Level 4 "Leadership Mentoring for the 21 Century Women – Mentoring Young Women"

From Ellen White to the Young Women

Let the Youth Be Trained to Serve Others

“Organize for Service.—Young men and young women, cannot you form companies, and, as soldiers of Christ, enlist in the work, putting all your tact and skill and talent into the Master’s service, that you may save souls from ruin? Let there be companies organized in every church to do this work. . . . Will the young men and young women who really love Jesus organize themselves as workers, not only for those who profess to be Sabbathkeepers, but for those who are not of our faith?”—ST, May 29, 1893. {DG 118.1}

Be Motivated

  • Set yourself goals
  • Break tasks down into manageable steps
  • Praise yourself for every small thing you accomplish
  • Get up earlier than usual
  • Read inspirational quotes. Memorize short pithy ones and recite them as you work


In Women's Ministries one of the goals is mentoring young women.

In some divisions they have organized programs for including young women in Women's Ministries, but there are great needs.

GCWM has created a brochure to fill this need: "Mentoring Young Women." To order this brochure, contact AdventSource at (800) 328-0525 or



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