Women in Siberia showing the Christmas wreaths they made in master class


Women's Ministries friendship retreat in Siberia is an outreach event

Master classes build up spiritual, emotional, and spiritual life with an inviting environment for friends of church members.

Euro-Asia Division (ESD)

[Russia] Outreach retreats are becoming popular among women especially in Siberia. Women pay all the expenses for transportation, food and lodging, and also for the expendable materials for masterclasses. The organizers offer different activities over the weekend to reach out their needs and build up their spiritual, emotional and physical life in an inviting environment.

Master classes for developing some skills are offered every day, so the women can learn something that will help them if they want to start a small business. For example, manicure basics and classical massage, hairdresser advice, and preparing Christmas wreaths.

Women invite their friends from the community who are not church members. Their friends really like these weekend gatherings and they express their desire to meet more often. Spiritual messages and prayers are part of the program. At the end of such meetings a prayer breakfast helps women come closer to each other and pray for one another.

This type of outreach is working well in Russia. Praise God for the open doors and for allowing us to build up more bridges and relationship among women.

Contributed by Raisa Ostrovkasya, Women's Ministries director, Euro-Asia Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2018 Spring