With the help of their husbands, these women pack bags of personal items to deliver to the hospital in São Tomé for needy female patients


International Women's Day of Prayer in São Tomé

Women's ministry presents personal items as gifts for needy female patients in a local hospital

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID)

[São Tomé and Principe] The women of São Tomé are devoted to helping the needy in the community. Not only do they pray for the needy, but they address needs of people for whom they pray. As an activity connected to the International Women's Day of Prayer, they chose to donate needed personal items to female patients who were presently admitted to the country’s biggest hospital. With the help of several of their husbands, these women packed up and delivered large bags of their donated items. They acted on their prayers, March 3, 2019.

Contributed by Caroline Chola, women's ministries director, Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

Reported in Mosaic newsletter, 2019, Q2, Summer issue