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Scholarship Statistics

From its inception in 1991 to the end of 2018, the Women's Ministries scholarship program has given 2,483 scholarships in 139 countries amounting to more than 1.2 million dollars.

Statistics for January 2018

Scholarships disbursed for winter semester went to 49 outstanding women.

The funds were sent to 15 countries including China, Fiji, Lebanon, and Zambia.

The higher education fields of study at 21 colleges range from Addiction Science, Community Development, and Education to Linguistics, and more.

Scholarships awarded for Madagascar students helped 9 young women.

Scholars in January 2018

Scholarships assist women who are committed to using their education to further serve the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

As always, the divisions recommend dedicated students who are active in school, church, and community, as well as diligent and hardworking in their studies.

As just one example, Valeria's teacher said of her,

"She is one of the most remarkable students I have known in my 20 years of teaching."

Fundraising Goal for 2018


The royalties of the women's daily devotional book series published since 1993 have helped support the scholarship program. Book royalties alone are not enough to fund the scholarships. Donations and fundraising projects are vital to keeping this program alive.

What can your donation do?

$15/month: 1 semester tuition, BANGLADESH

$30/month: 1 semester room and board, THAILAND

$160 for one month tuition, ARGENTINA

$400 for one semester tuition, UKRAINE

$1,000 for one semester tuition, RUSSIA

$1,050 scholarship, JAMAICA

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