Scholarship Statistics

In 1991 Women's Ministries awarded $250 in one country for one scholarship which helped one woman attend college.

By 2019 Women's Ministries had awarded $1,271,600 in 136 countries for 2,524 scholarships for women attending college.

Statistics for January 2019

Scholarships disbursed $25,470 for winter semester went to 45 outstanding women.

The funds were sent to 16 countries including Argentina, Austria, and Zambia.

The newest country is Grenada. Three awards went to Madagascar

Scholars in January 2019

Nadia is a member of a Medical Clowning Club that cheers sick children.

Yasmin in St. Lucia must borrow textbooks because she cannot afford them.

Loveness, an orphan in Zambia, struggles to pay for nursing classes.

Special Project in 2019

More than 70% of Europe's Roma (Gypsies) live in dire poverty, often marginalized, and victims of discrimination.

OUR CHALLENGE: to raise $20,000 by July 1 to help Gypsy women in Romania to get an education.

Nine years ago, Lina, a Gypsy in Romania, was illiterate. Yet in just eight years she earned a masters in theology. During that time she received a scholarship award that helped boost her confidence and give her encouragement to continue her education. Today Lina serves in a church she helped evangelize. She teaches Bible classes, provides clothing to the poor, and helps wherever needed. Her prayer now is for the opportunity to serve as a pastor among the Gypsies.

The royalties of the women's daily devotional book series published since 1993 have helped support the scholarship program. Book royalties alone are not enough to fund the scholarships. Donations and fundraising projects are vital to keeping this program alive.

What can your donation do?

$15/month: 1 semester tuition, BANGLADESH

$30/month: 1 semester room and board, THAILAND

$160 for one month tuition, ARGENTINA

$295 for one quarter tuition, ZAMBIA

$400 for one semester tuition, UKRAINE

$1,000 for one semester tuition, RUSSIA

$1,050 scholarship, JAMAICA

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