Scholarship Statistics

In 1991 General Conference Women's Ministries (GC WM) awarded $250 for one scholarship in one country helping one woman attend one university studying for one graduate degree.

Since its inception until the 2022 spring semester, GC WM has awarded $1,408,404 for 2,721 scholarships for Adventist women attending college/university in 140 countries.

Statistics for January 2022

  • Scholarships totaling $12,115 were disbursed to dedicated women.
  • The funds were sent to 8 countries, from Japan to Madagascar.
  • Countries represented include: Ukraine and Russia. Pray for the women who received these scholarships.

Scholarships in January 2021

  • In India, Swetha will be joyful next year when she becomes nurse to meet the health needs in her country.
  • Li is married, with two children. She will celebrate when she graduates as a teacher.
  • Amal will be overjoyed when she completes her degree in Islamic Studies next year.
  • From Vietnam, perhaps Tram will say "Hurray" when she completes her English major and then is able to help her family.

Special Project in 2019 and 2020

Thank you! We succeeded in raising $20,000 for Romania by December 31, 2020.


Often marginalized, more than 70% of Europe's Roma (gypsy) population live in dire poverty and become the victims of discrimination. Our goal was to raise $20,000 to help give gypsy women in Romania an education.

Nine years ago, Lina, a gypsy woman of Romania, was illiterate. Yet in just eight years she earned a master's degree in theology in Spain. During these long years in her course of studies, she received a scholarship award that helped boost her confidence and give her encouragement to continue her education. Lina serves in a church she helped evangelize. She teaches Bible classes, provides clothing to the poor, and helps wherever needed. She prays for an opportunity to serve as pastor among other gypsies. She speaks several languages, including Romani, the language of gypsies around the world. Presently, she is learning yet another language: English.

Funds for Scholarships

The royalties of the women's daily devotional book series published since 1993 have helped support the worldwide scholarship program. Book royalties alone are not enough to fund the scholarships. Personal donations and fundraising projects are vital to keeping this program alive.

How your donations help

  • $15/month: 1 semester tuition, BANGLADESH
  • $30/month: 1 semester room and board, THAILAND
  • $160 for one month tuition, ARGENTINA
  • $295 for one quarter tuition, ZAMBIA
  • $400 for one semester tuition, UKRAINE
  • $1,000 for one semester tuition, RUSSIA
  • $1,050 scholarship, JAMAICA