Southern Asia Women's Ministries activities during COVID-19

Women serve the needy by providing groceries, masks, and hand sanitizer.

Southern Asia Division (SUD)

[Southern Asia] The year 2020 is a historical year around the globe. We are uncertain about the future. Sudden lockdown was imposed, the movement of people halted, we were in the grip of fear. Despite of fear, our Women’s Ministries Department moved forward using the God given special gifts for His Ministry.

Whole world seemed to be upside down. The poor started starving; laborers lost their jobs and their lives as they walked miles and miles to return back to their villages or hometowns. It was pathetic to learn the situation of the poor people. Life seemed hopeless, as there was no food, shelter, no sleep, and no peace of mind.

In spite of all the troubles we found a way to help the needy with whatever we had.

We saw God’s intervention with providence of grocery, mask, hand sanitizer and media for evangelism.

I praise God for the willingness of our women reaching out to the community in this pandemic situation. God has been good to us in spite of the deadly virus hovering around us.

All Glory be to God.

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Distribution of grocery to the street people and poor communities

Suddenly the global health issue known as COVID-19 brought disaster to the world. It has impacted life and livelihood of many people.

People were and are at a risk, no food in this emergency situation. People with limited sources suffered. Homeless had nothing to eat. People who migrated for income, suffered with hunger.

In such a situation Women’s Ministries came forward to help the hungry families and homeless. All praises to God!

Our Adventist ladies volunteered to stitch the mask. Some were paid for labor as they were jobless and in need of money to support their families.

Masks – Stitching

Our ladies went into the communities distributing the masks and sanitizers to the poor and needy regardless of the virus. They even explained to the ignorant people the importance of wearing the mask and using hand sanitizer or soap to be safe from the COVID-19.

Masks were even distributed in the vegetable and fish marketplaces.

Distribution of Masks and Hand Sanitizers

Mask and hand sanitizers were given to government hospital, police station and railway station in Kerala.

Evangelism Through Social Media

Though we are in pandemic situation Women’s Ministries is not idle. God is using us in a more mighty way than before to spread His message.

Our union directors are advised to make a video of the ten Bible lessons in their own language and share with all their contacts and upload in YouTube for people to watch and be blessed. Next will be fourteen lessons from Women in the Bible . . . and Me.

Every Wednesday and Saturday at 4:00 P.M. we have prayer time. Prayer list is shared.

Every week one memory verse is shared with all the contacts on What’s App by all the directors. And they are encouraged to memorize.

Once a month each union shares a life-changing testimony on What’s App. Thus far we had four sessions of Zoom division-wide devotional worship.

Each time we crossed more than 100 participants in Zoom. We have YouTube livestreaming since Zoom has a limit of only 100 participants.

We will continue with all these programs for the communities with God’s guidance and blessings.

All glory and praises be to God!!

Contributed by Premila Masih, WM director of Southern Asia Division

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Delivering face masks