Wearing white garments, the bride participants prepared spiritually for the wedding supper of the Lamb, our Lord Jesus Christ


Wedding-themed division congress sparks anticipation for the Second Coming

More than a thousand women from the Southern Asia-Pacific Division attend the Women’s Ministries quinquennial congress in Bangkok.

Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD)

[Thailand] "More than a thousand women representing the fourteen-country territory of the Southern Asia-Pacific region trooped to the Ambassador Hotel Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand on July 15-17, 2019 to attend the Women's and the Shepherdess International’s joint conventions themed 'Ready for the Wedding,'" writes Asia Adventist News of Southern Asia-Pacific region of the world Church.

Women leaders from the headquarters of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church shared valuable tips and reminders on ministering for God as a woman. Asia Adventist News provides these quotes made during the congress.

Heather-Dawn Small, Adventist World Church leader for the Women's Ministries, spoke on women taking evangelism to heart. "Sharing the word of God is really something that should happen naturally," said Small.

Janet Page, associate ministerial secretary for pastoral families and prayer ministries of the Adventist world church, said that the role of every pastor's spouse is critical for the successful achievement of the pastor. "There is no one more special than the pastor's spouse," Page added.

Raquel Arrais, associate women’s ministry director of the world church, brought energy to the congregation with her vibrant delivery. "Christian life begins in sitting right next to God's throne of grace," Arrais shared. "When we sit, we release the burden; we release the weight because we are seated in Jesus Christ.”

Helen Gulfan, Women's Ministries director and Shepherdess International coordinator in the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, was host and organizer of the division-wide congress held every five years. Attending the congress is the quinquennial highlight for women leaders in her territory. They learn new ministry ideas, meet new and old friends, and feel inspired by the spiritual messages.

The attendees became personally involved in the wedding theme illustrating the soon return of Jesus who promises to take home His bride the church. Women were encouraged to wear "white robes" to the closing banquet symbolizing the wedding supper of the Lamb. Some of the ladies wore their own wedding gowns, while others wore formal wear or elegant dresses. After the tiaras were distributed, each woman looked like a princess bride wearing her white dress and glittering crown. A coral-colored sash stamped with the congress name, theme, and date was distributed to wear as a unifying memento of the occasion.

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Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2019 Q3