Southern Asia Division celebrates twenty-five years of Women's Ministries

WM division director cuts a real anniversary cake at the virtual occasion.

Southern Asia Division (SUD)

[India] The twenty-fifth anniversary in Southern Asia Division (SUD) of Women's Ministries began with an Indian Namaste to our distinguished General Conference Women's Ministries leaders, Heather-Dawn Small, director, Raquel Arrais, associate director, and Dr. Ella S. Simmons, General Conference Vice President.

It was a joyful occasion to come together for the celebration though it was in Zoom. It was pleasant to see and meet happy faces, as if we were right there with one another.

Candles were lit by all the attendees as they sat donning the paper brooch of the twenty-five years of celebration. It was a beautiful sight.

The celebration did not stop there. Delicious chocolate cake was cut by Premila Masih, director of Women's Ministries for SUD, amid the clapping from women on Zoom which set the momentum for the occasion.

During the celebration, some of the union directors highlighted how these twenty-five years of WM have brought blessings to women in SUD. Typical of their remarks is this comment, "The Department of Women's Ministries has crossed many milestones with the help of our Almighty God."

Heather-Dawn Small, Raquel Arrais, and Premila Masih spoke words of encouragement and appreciation to the directors in the unions and conferences for their achievements.

All glory and honor to our heavenly Father for the twenty-five years of Women's Ministries in Southern Asia Division.

Contributed by Premila Masih, Women's Ministries director, Southern Asia Division
Photos: WM SUD

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2021 Q1, winter issue