Women enjoying the beautiful location of their weekend retreat in Switzerland


Women focus on their relationships with retreat theme, "God, Others and I"

Discovering their relationships with God and with other women provides participants at the WM retreat a new vision both of God and also of themselves.

Inter-Euroepean Division (EUD)

[Switzerland] The women’s ministries retreat in St. Stephan, Switzerland, September 7-9, 2018, focused on relationships and the retreat theme, “God, Others and I.” How do I relate to others? What is my relationship with God? Am I able to share God’s bounty? What does that have to do with me and my faith? We considered these and many other questions.

Based on the parable of the talents, our speaker Tina Tschage challenged us: Am I using the talents God has given me? How many talents has God given to me? Am I content with that? Am I multiplying them or burying them?

Often, He chooses the simple for important tasks, Tschage said. His power becomes great in the weak. We consider things according to our values; but God’s values may be very different. What we see as great may not be so great in God’s eyes. It is not good for us to judge the value of our gifts or choose our duties. We should accept the burden that God gives us and carry it to His glory. When we need rest, we may come to Him. In all our work we honor God by serving Him joyfully with all our hearts. He wants us to take up our duties with joy and gratitude for being permitted to co-operate with Him.

Through her presentation, Tschage permitted us to experience the love of God in a practical way, and we received a new vision of God and became a new vision of ourselves. Ellen G. White writes about the diversity of talents God gives us to use for His divine purposes. “God uses a diversity of talents in His cause. He carries on His work for the church by a variety of instruments” (Manuscript 73a-1900.6).

Spending time sharing together was also an important part of the retreat. Wonderful weather permitted us to enjoy nature on the Sabbath afternoon and after the program in the evening new friendships were deepened with humor. Hatschi, Peter and Philipp, our kitchen team, provided delicious food during the whole weekend.

I am so thankful that I was able to participate in this blessed weekend.

Written by Dagmar Latuski

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2018 Q4, Fall issue