Retreat attracts capacity crowd

Attendees learn about family reconciliation at this one-day retreat setting in Switzerland.

Inter-European Division (EUD)

[Switzerland] A capacity crowd of 72 women gathered in Lucerne to hear Daniela Gelbrich, Ph.D, an expert in Old Testament history and biblical languages. "When God Rewrites Family History" was the theme for the Women's Day of Encounter. At the same time 11 teenagers met for a Girls4Christ program in another part of the church building.

Gelbrich spoke about God’s intention for men and women to have a relationship of mutual respect. God wants to be included as an integral party cementing family relationships. But due to sin, family relations broke up, just as humanity’s relationship with God broke.

She guided attendees through a study of the problematic family relationships of the patriarchs and their wives. Reconciliation finally comes to Jacob and Esau after 20 years. God wants reconciliation and healing in His relationship with humans as well as reconciliation within families.

Jesus Christ is the link between heaven and earth. If we make an effort to study His life and ask for His help, we can learn how He is able to reconcile us to Himself and us to our loved ones.

Published in Mosaic, 2017 Q2