Women's Ministries Leadership Certification, Level 2

Two thousand women from Tanzania and Uganda commit themselves to completing all four levels of WM Leadership Certification by 2019.

East-Central Africa Division (ECD)

[Tanzania] Two thousand women and young ladies attended a training conference for Women’s Ministries Leadership Certification, Level 2, held in Singida, Tanzania, mid-November 2018. The tri-union certification training was organized by three women’s ministries directors: Mariam Samo of North Tanzania Union Conference, Ruth Eyembe of South Tanzania Union Mission, and Sarah Nyende of Uganda Union Mission.

The leadership training was facilitated by Raquel Arrais, associate director of General Conference Women’s Ministries, and Debbie Maloba, director of East-Central Africa Division Women’s Ministries (ECD WM).

Women also had opportunity to receive Building Bridges: Woman to Woman training by Dr. Samuel D. Lumwe, associate director for the General Conference Global Center for Adventist-Muslim Relations.

Maloba reports it was encouraging to see administrative officers of the three unions support women by their physical presence and through mobilizing their departmental directors, pastors and elders of local churches to attend the meetings.

The highlight of the training conference was a fundraising event for the women’s rehabilitation center that will be a significant tool for evangelism in Singida, a city located in the North Tanzania Union Conference.

Women in evangelism is the central focus of women’s ministry in East-Central Africa because we are convinced that if Seventh-day Adventist women are totally involved in this ministry, we shall experience a great and miraculous sharing of the gospel among the friends of our members. That is why women in East-Central Africa are committed to do their part for the change in the church in particular and for the community in general.

Pray for the work of women in East-Central Africa.

Contributed by Debbie Maloba, director of East-Central Africa Division Children's and Women's Ministries

Reported in Mosaic newsletter, 2019, Q2, Summer issue