Trans-European Division Celebrates Twenty-five Years of the Department of Women's Ministries

Clair Sanches gives personal testimony to what Women's Ministries means in her region.

Trans-European Division (SSD)

Women’s Ministries has gone from strength to strength here at the Trans-European Division. Bible Study groups and especially innovative ways of spreading the gospel in creative ways. God has certainly blessed us. Even now when we can’t be together women have come up with ideas to reach those around them. Women are so creative. Making masks for neighbors, doing the shopping for older people living in their neighborhood, studying the Bible together online. Holding online devotionals each week. Having creative online get-togethers. This pandemic has caused us to think differently and God has opened many ways to still connect. We are thinking outside the box and it is working. The resilience of women is amazing. We praise God for his blessing towards women and the Women’s Ministries department here at the Trans-European Division.

TED News, 8Oct2020: British Union Conference celebrates twenty-five years of Women's Ministries, by Sharon Platt-McDonald

By Clair Sanches, director of Women's Ministries for Trans-European Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2020 Q4, fall issue