SAD News | Brazil | Anne Seixas | June 24, 2022

TV evangelism covers much of South America during a week of women's evangelism

Biblical reflection, in Portuguese and Spanish, are presented by Darleide Alves and Mitzy Celis on TV Novo Tempo.

In some parts of the Bible, people are compared to earthen vessels. One of these passages is in the book of Isaiah, chapter 64, in which Jesus' ability to restore life is highlighted.

And this is the theme that Darleide Alves (in Portuguese) and Mitzy Celis (in Spanish) presented in a seven-day series of Bible studies titled Vidas Restauradas in Portuguese. During the last week of June 2022, they addressed several biblical themes, live, on TV Novo Tempo.

Evangelism for All

The choice of subject results, among other factors, from questions that Darleide has answered in several places where he has lectured. “The most recurring ones are linked to relationships and emotional health. There are lives torn apart by abuse, divorce, loneliness, depression and anxiety. To speak of the saving grace of Jesus is to lead the downcast to a safe place of restoration and peace,” she underlines.

This is the second edition of an evangelistic week led by women held by TV Novo Tempo. The first debuted in 2021. For Professor Jeanete Lima, who leads the Seventh-day Adventist Church's Women's Ministry for eight countries in South America, women have great contributions to make about the Bible and its teachings. “When this diversity happens in the presentation of the biblical message, I think some audiences are reached. Because women have this sensitivity, they have this relational side, they have their own language,” she explains.

For Jeanete, “the first gain with a program like this is reaching more people for Christ. The second is that when women preach, they are somehow giving the message: other women can preach.” Pastor Rafael Rossi, the denomination's evangelist for the South American territory, also highlights one of the central points of this initiative. “We want to reduce the idea that women only talk to women. No, women tell everyone; women preach to everyone, and women talk about prophecy, about doctrinal matters, and make an appeal,” he reiterates.

This evangelistic week tracks the greater inclusion of women in leadership positions in Adventist churches. Since last year, the ordination of women to the seniority, the most important post after the pastor, has been taking place in local churches.

By Anne Seixas, SAD News

This article was originally published on the Portuguese website of South American Division.

This article was originally published on the Español website of South American Division.

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2022 Q2&3