Women's International Day of Prayer 2018 is observed throughout the division

Adventist women use innovative ways to pray for their families, communities, and countries of West Africa.

West-Central Africa Division (WAD)

[West Africa] Women's International Day of Prayer is included in the annual Seventh-day Adventist Church calendar every first Sabbath of March, and Adventist women in West Africa understand this day is for everyone—women, men, and children, church members, non-church members, and the entire nation. The 2018 International Day of Prayer made greater impact in the countries of West Africa when new ideas and innovations drew larger appeal.

Women across the twenty-two nations comprising the West-Central Africa Division of Seventh-day Adventists gathered in big churches, large auditoriums, and public places to pray and intercede for their nations, communities, and homes. They invited political leaders, traditional chiefs, women's associations of other religions and denominations, and many non-Adventist church members to join them praying for the many national and local challenges of our countries. They prayed over the difficulties facing homes and family life, and in particular, issues with which women struggle. Togo, Ghana, and Nigeria excelled in this.

In the afternoon following the Sabbath morning service, women moved into their communities to pray in homes, to share pamphlets containing the present truth and promises of God, and to bless needy communities with additional gifts (usually distributions of food staples). Even those in Ghana who could not participate in the many activities of the International Day of Prayer were not left out. Ghanaian women organized prayer sessions on the local radio stations and delivered the beautiful message from the 2018 WM resource packet, "God Understands," to encourage all listeners.

The effect of the Seventh-day Adventist Church's Women's International Day of Prayer was broadly felt by the communities of the West-Central Africa Division, and many non-church members who opened their hearts to worship with us plan to join us again next year. It is amazing to see what the Lord is doing with women in West Africa. Praise be to God.

Contributed by Omobonike Adeola Sessou, WM director, West-Central Africa Division