Catching up with our WM scholarship recipients

More than 2,400 scholarships have been awarded globally to Adventist women students enrolled in higher education.

Huiyu, Wang of China

[Philippines | February 20, 2018] Huiyu, Wang, a student from mainland China, was awarded a General Conference Women’s Ministries (GC WM) scholarship for winter semester 2018 at Adventist University of the Philippines. She is enrolled in the College of Education, studying for a master’s degree.

Lisa Clouzet and Nilde Lust Itin, director and associate director, of Northern Asia-Pacific Division Women’s Ministries (NSD WM), are seen in the photo presenting a letter of confirmation for the award to the happy scholar at the university located near Manila.

China, with limited facilities for Adventist education, is in the territory of Northern Asia-Pacific Division (headquarters near Seoul, Korea). The Philippines is in the territory of Southern Asia-Pacific Division (headquarters near Manila, Philippines). Classes are taught in English.

Huiyu writes a joyful letter to NSD WM and GC WM for their assistance in discovering the scholarship availability, providing background information, helping with the application, and giving a good reference. She continues her letter of February 20, 2018 by writing:

Dear members of the Women's Ministries office,

With the humblest and most appreciative heart, I am writing to express my deep thanks to these women who contributed their time and skills to write books in order to help others. I committed to myself that the money received for financing my schooling will [not be in vain.] Once I take my place in the working world in the future, surely, I will reach out to help make my contribution for other young women who are struggling financially.

Thank you again very much for these women and their work. May God bless them all and bless their ministry for the Lord.

Sincerely yours,

Huiyu, Wang

"Write Books . . . to help others"

Huiyu mentions "women who have contributed their time and skills to write books in order to help others." She is referring to the many authors from around the world who write devotionals for the women's devotional book series. Since the first book was published 25 years ago, royalties from the sales of devotional books are the main source of funding for scholarships.

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Pisey and Phallavy, of Cambodia

[Cambodia | February 7, 2018] Sisters Pisey and Phallavy earned bachelors of education degrees and were partially sponsored through General Conference Women's Ministries (GC WM) scholarships.

Dear GC Women's Ministries,

Thank you and the SOS team for assisting Pisey and Phallavy with the completion of their Batchelors of Education degrees. Both girls have now finished and are teaching in Adventist schools. Phallavy is in Mondulkiri, a relatively remote region of Cambodia, whilst Pisey is working at the Feed & Read School in Phnom Penh, a school that caters for children from poverty-stricken homes that would otherwise be unable to get an education.

The girls’ graduation was on December 20, 2017, and although quite a challenge to get there, as the university only sent out notification of the date two weeks prior to the event, Deane and I were thrilled to be able to celebrate this milestone with them.

Pisey, once again received an award for academic excellence in her final year. Along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers we gave both of the girls a stuffed toy with some balloons tied to it, not realizing how significant this was for Pisey.

A few days later we received this email, “Happy Sabbath, Toy you give me so Nice. When I got this toy I was thrilled to cry because this was my first time getting a toy. I would like to say thank you so much.”

We too would like to express our gratitude and thanks not only for the SOS scholarship but also for your personal interest in the lives and spiritual journey of these two beautiful, Christian young ladies.

We trust that everything is going well for you and that 2018 will be a wonderful, fulfilling year as you continue to minister to others in your work for the Lord.

Thinking and praying for you, with love,

Deane and Ruth Jackson