Help for Children with Challenges

Romania | EUD WM News| January 2, 2023 | Liliana Radu

Equipped with space provided by municipal authorities, Women's Ministries supports disadvantaged children after school by helping with homework and guiding activities to develop other skills.

Wishing to serve the people of their locality, a team of sisters and brothers went to the Town Hall and asked for a space to support disadvantaged children by offering them help with homework, as well as guidance in extracurricular activities that would stimulate their interpersonal skills, and among other things, develop their practical and cognitive abilities. Delighted with this citizen initiative, the municipal authorities in Urleta provided a room, equipped and furnished it more than adequately, and got actively involved in supporting this project. As a result, this new educational center was opened on November 15, 2022. "Pray for us too", said Gianina Floricel, director of the Muntenia Conference Women's Ministries department. "Today at 14:00 we start the after-school program. We have children enrolled, and we have talked to their parents who have great and joyful expectations. We wish with all our hearts to keep the team and not to abandon people along the way and disappoint them."

As time has passed, the involvement of people has not diminished. On the contrary, with love and daily dedication, the team provides support, care, and attention in teaching, passing on knowledge, and ensuring that the 20 children understand and can apply what they have learned. Each day, the children receive fresh fruit. From very little initial interest, knowing that most children are not used to eating fruit, the children ended up competing with each other: "Who ate the most slices of fruit today?"

The Bible and stories from the Bible are a fixture at every meeting. And because teachers know how important music is in people's lives, especially for children, the Muntenia Conference Education department bought recorders to teach the children to love music and learn how to play a simple instrument, thus having access to even richer instruction.

At the end of the year, the after-school party went very well. The children played bells, sang, recited poems, and performed a skit. Fruit and cakes were served, also provided by volunteers. The gratitude expressed by the parents, children, and the Town Hall captured the hearts of the volunteers involved in this project, giving them the feeling that they had not worked in vain. On this occasion, the children received a book, Stories for Parents and Children, (donated by the Women's Ministries department), a packet of biscuits, an orange, and a ball (the latter from the volunteers' donations).

God bless every child, every family, and every volunteer involved in this wonderful project! We hope that it will continue, to the glory of God, and for the development of these children on all levels.

Photo credit: WM Romania
As reported by Liliana Radu, director of Women's Ministries for Romanian Union of the Inter-European Division (EUD)
Originally posted by EUD Women's Ministries news

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2023 Q1