October Breast Cancer Awareness Virtual Prayer Walk or Run

South Africa | SAUC WM | August 2022 | Zodwa Kunene

Women across South Africa take 6000 steps or more every day with a prayer during October.

Some of the women are survivors, some are family members of patients, some have lost loved ones to the disease. All have been changed by the experience.

Combining the idea of a prayer walk and a run for charity, namely breast cancer awareness, Southern Africa Union Conference Women's Ministries team invented a Breast Cancer Awareness VIRTUAL Walk or Run. Afterward they collected the stories and words of inspiration from the women who committed to praying or walking every day in October. The result is this downloadable PDF booklet, "Special Collection Album".

Although the PDF album commemorates the 2021 walk/run, Women's Ministries of South Africa planned another walk/run in 2022. Perhaps this page will inspire you to plan a similar event in your region.

Below is the introductory letter written by Women's Ministries Director Zodwe Kunene,

Every October marks the Breast Cancer Awareness month which is a national campaign to raise awareness for this cause. Because of COVID-19 regulations, in October 2021 Southern Africa Union Conference Women's Ministries Department organized a month-long VirtualWalk/Run of 6000 steps or more every day. We focused on buddying up with one another because no one should fight cancer alone.

The Breast Cancer Virtual Prayer Walk/Run not only focused on cancer of the breast, but on almost all types of cancers. Every patient deserves our prayers and steps. We walked and ran on their behalf, and prayer was KEY throughout the month.

One day at the beginning of our Prayer Walk/Run month, a female runner stopped to inquire if my buddy and I were walking for cancer patients. She excitedly shared her cancer journey and how the Lord healed her. We had a blessed time of prayer, and we even met her husband and two children who were cycling while she was jogging. I believe the Lord sent this lady to affirm our project.

Some women participated faithfully in walking or running at least 6000 steps and praying for cancer patients. Some women did not walk or run but faithfully prayed every day.

We appreciate all the ladies who shared their cancer journeys, testified about the power of God's grace and mercy. We are encouraged, because you are our shining stars!

We also wish to send our heartfelt condolences to families who lost their loved ones due to cancer and pray that God will carry you and comfort you. We will continue to pray for you.

I invite you to join us again for the Virtual Prayer Walk/Run for a purpose 2022. In the meantime, let's keep moving and interceding for our loved one's who are suffering from cancer because no one should fight cancer alone.

Download this Special Collection Album of pictures and stories by the women who prayed, walked or ran for those they love and those they don't know.

Photo credit: SAUC WM
Written by Zodwa Kunene, Women's Ministries director for Southern Africa Union Conference (SAUC)

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2022 Q4