Praying women in eastern Zimbabwe join the observance of International Women's Day of Prayer


International Women's Day of Prayer in Zimbabwe

Women lead church services in all churches throughout the northeastern region to observe the worldwide day of prayer.

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

[Zimbabwe] Women of all Seventh-day Adventist congregations in the northeastern region of Zimbabwe led church services observing International Women’s Day of Prayer, March 2, 2019, an annual date on the worldwide church calendar.

Additional activities were organized over the weekend on Friday night and Sabbath afternoon. Some churches held all night prayer sessions. Some churches conducted outreach activities. Some served their communities even further, such as distributing food parcels.

The northeastern region of Zimbabwe lies within the territory of East Zimbabwe Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (headquarters in Harare) and is comprised of the East Zimbabwe Conference and the North Zimbabwe Conference.

Contributed by Phyllis Manungo, director of East Zimbabwe Union Conference Women's Ministries

Published in Mosaic newsletter 2019, Q2, Spring issue