WM Departmental Advisory in East-Central Africa Division

Nairobi, Kenya | ECD WM | Debbie Maloba | May 5, 2023

Women's Ministries directors join Zoom meeting for a day of prayer and planning.

The Women’s Ministries (WM) departmental advisory took place February 21, via Zoom. In attendance were 37 WM directors from the unions and conferences/fields in the territory representing 10 of the 11 countries (Eritrea not on the call) that make up the East-Central Africa Division.

Dr. Debbie Maloba, ECD WM director, opened the meeting with a prayer, introduction, and a devotional talk. She urged leaders to be agents of change in their territories and beyond. She emphasized the fact by saying, “We are called as women, to be rescuers through various ventures like rescue centers, possibility ministries, attending to those who are vulnerable like single mothers, and girls who were into early marriages. We need to be agents of change in our communities.”

Participants engaged in a prayer session led by Dr. Debbie Maloba and Sis. Antoinette Uwizeye.

Dr. Musa Mitekaro, the Executive Secretary of the East-Central Africa Division, shared a keynote address, sending greetings from Dr. Ruguri, the ECD President who could not be there, and shared women's contributions to the mission of the church. The message was summarized as follows: Miriam took care of Moses, Deborah was a judge, and Hulda was a prophetess, the little maid led Naaman to his healing. In the early church, women actively participated in missions; Lydia opened her home for believers to meet; Priscilla brought many people to believe in Christ. Women are called to participate actively in Mission and to invite all participants to renew our commitment and reach out to our world during this uncertain time.

The Advisory focused also on prayers, and Sis. Mariam Samo (WM director from Northern Tanzania Union), Sis. Aurélie Dipo (WM director from West Congo Union Mission) and Sis. Liliane Mugerwa (WM director from Uganda Union Mission) prayed for all the requests presented, which was the solemn moment participants felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Dr. Maloba introduced all the women directors, displaying their photos. Then each union director had opportunity to report on their achievements and plans in the three areas: nurture, empower, and outreach programs and activities.

ECD WM Director's Points of Emphasis.

  • ECD Evangelistic Impact 2025, from Spectators to Disciple Makers:
    It is the quinquennial plan ECD as a division has come up with to Reach out to 5 million people, especially in challenged areas. ECD WM works with a commitment to make our meetings avenues for Evangelism; Pay attention to the needs of your territories; Every woman should bring at least one soul and support each other.
  • WM Social - Media, Resources and Statistical Report NEO.
    ECD WM reminded directors to report on Nurture programs, Empowerment, and reaching out to people, as the statistical form has three components. Other areas to focus on are Bible study with neighbors and friends, reading books of Ellen G. White, and prayer for spiritual growth; Encourage ladies to use their gifts and make disciples. Encourage family worship.
  • Collaboration with other departments.
    The ECD Evangelism Director was invited to present and encouraged directors by reminding them of the church initiatives of I Will Go, "Total Membership Involvement," of the need to constantly persuade people to actively participate, not just be spectators, of communicating through TV, radio, and social media, of asking for the Holy Spirit to help them lead by example. The WM leaders renewed their commitment to Evangelism.
    The Associate Director of GCAMR, Dr. Samuel Lumwe, blessed the group with his remarks. The WM leaders renewed their commitment to Mission.

Sis. Jemima Odhiambo, ECD WM office administrative assistant, offered closing prayer.

Zoom screenshots by ECD WM
Written by Dr. Debbie Maloba, Women's Ministries director for the East-Central Africa Division (ECD)

Header photo credit: Chris Montgomery/Unsplash.com

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2023 Q2