2020 Women’s Devotional Book

I Am Loved

"The LORD your God in your midst, the Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing." —Zephaniah 3:17, NKJV

God—through a little verse in a short book written by a minor prophet—reveals a great, big love!

  • a persevering love that transforms fear into faith,
  • a faithful love that repurposes failure into redemption,
  • a patient love that calls careless hearts to obedience,
  • an abiding love from which nothing can separate us,
  • an enduring love that exchanges human weakness for divine strength,
  • an abundant love that fills every empty nook and cranny of the soul, and
  • an unparalleled love that impels the divine King of heaven to break into joyful singing as He watches over each of His precious daughters.

Do you crave frequent reminders that Someone treasures you above all else? Does your heart need to hear a love song? Then spend a few moments each day reading the stories in this devotional book. They not only highlight God's multifaceted love but also bring the blessed assurance that His undying love is focused on you. Yes, you are loved! (from the back cover)

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Writers Needed for the Women’s Devotional Book

Submissions are now being accepted for the 2021 devotional book.

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Devotionals—Across the Airwaves

How Your Devotionals Are Broadcast on the Radio

By Carolyn Rathbun Sutton, devotional book editor, 2015-present

“I want a weekday devotional,” said the radio station manager of WFMH the Big 95.5 [Hackleburg, Alabama, United States of America]. “We have the largest listening audience in this part of the state. We broadcast 24/7 on FM and online.” He continued, “I want my listeners to get a little Bible-based religion between the country music and sports shows that we regularly broadcast. A short daily devotional would be just perfect!”

“I don’t think I’d have the time,” I countered. “Besides, I don’t know anything about radio recording and broadcasting.”

“I’ll show you,” he pressed. “You can do it from home.”

My husband, Jim, and I had moved to northwest Alabama in 2011 right after the area was devastated by a tornadic outbreak, killing over seventy people just in our two area communities. In this decimated, grieving area (also known, sadly, for its population’s poor health, poverty, and elevated use of illegal drugs), we began praying about how God would have us share Bible-based hope. Bible studies? A branch Sabbath School? Small groups? Our county, along with a large swath of neighboring counties are “dark” with no official Seventh-day Adventist presence. So, Jim and I prayed—for the next four and a half years, while making new friends and learning more about community needs.

One cold February morning in 2015, my husband became ill. He asked me to take the car for its service appointment while he went to the doctor. I sat in the dingy waiting room of the automotive repair shop, hard-copy editing the next GCWM devotional book manuscript. Another customer walked in to chat with the service manager. Then the newcomer suddenly asked in a booming voice, “Are you a teacher . . . or a preacher?” I told him I was editing a women’s devotional book and that my husband and I were ambassadors for Adventist World Radio.

“Come see me at my radio station,” he tersely responded. After several in-person conversations with this station owner/manager, my husband and I sought the counsel of, and received permission from, our conference president (Gulf States Conference) before becoming involved in any radio outreach. And that was the beginning of an unexpected weekday radio program at WFMH known as Staying Vertical.

Six months into this endeavor—writing, recording, and editing my own audio devotionals—I realized I had neither time nor energy to keep up this intense, deadline-driven pace in addition to prior ministry commitments. Yet, unmistakably, God had opened this door! What to do?

One evening, my husband commented on my ministry load. “Why don’t you see if you can use some of the GCWM’s devotionals?” he suggested. “They’re Bible-based and already written and edited.” After praying about his suggestion, I contacted Heather-Dawn Small, director for Women’s Ministries at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. She gave permission for devotionals from recent devotional books to be aired on WFMH. Since then, the station manager has played one women’s devotional three times each weekday—at varying times, hoping to reach an audience that includes commuters, daytime regulars, and nighttime insomniacs. Each segment includes information for listeners to obtain copies of their own GCWM books.

For nearly five years, this devotional book-related ministry—made possible through the inspired, prayerful writing of authors from around the world—has met with a warm, encouraging welcome from radio listeners.* All of this has been provided by the radio station free of charge!

God promises that “earnest prayer . . . produces wonderful results” (James 5:16, NLT). Since its inception years ago, the GCWM devotional book project has been covered by, and uplifted through, prayer.

God also promises that His word,

“will accomplish all I want it to,
And it will prosper everywhere I send it” (Isaiah 55:11, NLT).

God has not only heard the many prayers, but He also continues to prosper this Women’s Ministries project—even across the airwaves.

*As a result, WFMH invited my husband and our pastor to produce a weekly half-hour Bible discussion program which has aired for the past three and a half years on Sunday mornings.

Be a Blessing

The God-inspired devotional book project began in 1992 as a one-time idea to raise funds for Women’s Ministries scholarships, but the book was so well received, and so many blessings flowed from it, that the books just kept coming—and kept blessing. Not only are book readers blessed, but every writer and scholarship recipient is blessed. And blessings continue to flow from the service these amazing scholars provide for the church.

Give a blessing

  • Buy a book for yourself.
  • Buy extra copies; they make wonderful gifts.
  • Write a devotional to be included in a future book.
  • Apply for Women’s Ministries scholarship.
  • Tell a deserving woman how to apply for Women’s Ministries scholarship.
  • Make a financial contribution to the scholarship fund. Donate here

The devotional book is a blessing in at least four ways: the women who write for it are greatly blessed; the women who read the book receive a spiritual blessing (making this the perfect gift for any woman in your life); the women who receive the scholarships receive a life-changing blessing; and the donors receive a financial blessing when giving to the scholarship fund.

In the Beginning . . .

On the jacket of Among Friends, the first devotional book published for 1993 daily readings, editor and Women’s Ministries director Rose Otis wrote, “What better way [to affirm women] than to invite [them] to contribute to a devotional book ‘for women by women’?” Contributor response to the General Conference Women’s Ministries (GC WM) global call for submissions was so abundant that Rose—in just ten months—had enough devotionals for that first book. Her conclusion? “Women wanted . . . others to know how Jesus had been there for them,” she said. Contributing authors respond with gratitude for the opportunity to nourish their own spiritual lives simply through the process of writing about their experiences for the purpose of sharing with others.

Soon the GC WM office decided that royalties from the devotional books would go toward funding scholarships around the world to assist Adventist women obtain higher education. Since the end of 1992 when the 1993 devotionals were first sold, proceeds from the yearly devotional books (more than 1.2 million dollars) have funded 2,524 scholarships in 136 different countries for women who are committed to use their education to further serve the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Presently, at least half the women seeking assistance are turned down. With your help we can change more lives! Donate here

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Devotional Book Guidelines for Writers

We solicit devotionals written by Seventh-day Adventist women based on a personal experience of God's involvement in the life of a woman and show how this experience demonstrates a Biblical principle which readers can apply to everyday life.

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Pointers for Writing Devotionals

The women's daily devotional book series editor, Carolyn R. Sutton, shares engaging techniques for writing effective devotionals that touch readers' hearts.

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