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Women Discovering Jesus

With topics like Jesus Is My Friend and Jesus Is My Confidence Builder, this full-color participant booklet with the leader's PowerPoint presentations equips you for leading a small group. Your friends and neighbors will explore twelve roles that Jesus plays in our lives.

Download here, Women Discovering Jesus, small group Bible studies

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Hope of Hope and Healing

The Homes of Hope and Healing program involves opening our homes to our neighbors for fellowship and learning and focuses primarily on outreach. These eight topics are founded securely in the Bible, and work well for small groups meetings. We begin with what we call “bridge” lessons that focus on areas of health and personal development: emotions, anxiety, stress, relationships, guilt, good thinking, hope against depress, resilience, and we end by showing how Jesus brings hope and healing.

Download here, Homes for Hope and Healing, a 96-page booklet as PDF, the leader's PowerPoint presentations, and individual lessons in Word.

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Thinking Well, Living Well

This series of ten seminars about mental health will help Christians openly and compassionately talk about the subject.
The time has come for the Seventh-day Adventist Church to become educated and to recognize when members need help.
Many Seventh-day Adventist congregations have found that when the community is invited to attend Thinking Well, Living Well mental health seminars held by women, our members are empowered with another outreach tool.

NEW! Available for the first time on our website. Download here, Thinking Well, Living Well participant manual and presenter's slides with notes.

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Scholarship Program

Women's Ministries supports higher education for women around the world.

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Women's daily devotional helps women grow spiritually

Royalties from the sales of women's devotional books fund scholarships globally for Adventist women to obtain higher education.

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International Women's Day of Prayer

International Women's Day of Prayer is on the Church's Calendar of Days and Events and is observed on the first Sabbath of March.

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Steps to Personal Revival

Free PDF booklets to download. This in-depth exploration sheds light on the root of our problems and illustrates how they can be remedied with God’s help.

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