Women's Ministries Leadership Certification four-level training program

WM Leadership Certification


The four-level Leadership Certification program has come about because we realize the great need for the women of our church to develop skills that will enable them to serve in positions of leadership.

E. G. White reminds us, “There is a higher purpose for woman, a grander destiny. She should develop and cultivate her powers, for God can employ them in the great work of saving souls from eternal ruin.” —Evangelism 465

Developing and cultivating the abilities of women is one task of this department, and one to which we are committed.

This certification program is the joint effort of many women who have given their time and abilities unselfishly. Without them this project would never have been completed and we thank them from our hearts for their input.

The curriculum for this program has been divided into eight subject areas. They are:

  • History and Philosophy (HP)
  • Biblical Studies (BS)
  • People Skills/Personal Growth (PS)
  • Speaking Skills (SS)
  • Leadership Skills (LS)
  • Writing Skills (WS)
  • Nurture Projects (NP)
  • Outreach Projects (OP)

Due to the many subjects covered in the curriculum (about 58 in all) it was decided to divide the program into four levels. Each level contains seminars from each of the eight subject areas of the curriculum.

In order for certification to be awarded, the participant must complete the required courses in a particular level—these are called Core Requirements. In addition to this, the participant must also complete three other seminars of their choice from among the remaining courses, called Electives.

Each level will be implemented at the conference/mission level on a yearly basis. This means, in four years a participant will have completed all four levels and received four certificates. The conference/mission Women's Ministries director will oversee the coursework and certification of each participant. A participant can also choose to go through the seminars on her own without receiving a certificate. In the North American Division, you may purchase the USB drive from AdventSource.org for $19.99. It contains all the seminar materials for the four levels.

We are aware that there are seminars in this course that a participant may have covered before, e.g., Self-Esteem, Discipling New Members, etc. In such cases that course can be omitted and credit will be given.

It is our desire to see women who are called of God for service in these last days empowered to lead. We know that many of you have eagerly awaited this material. Download the updated Level 1 here. Level 2 will be ready soon for download.

Core Requirements and Electives

Four levels are part of this program: Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each level is outlined in this brochure. This includes required seminars (those you must do to qualify for certification) and the elective seminars (those that you are free to choose from in order to make up the 10 seminars required for certification for each level). Take careful note of which subjects are required and which you may choose. Level 4 does not include electives, only core requirements.

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Level 1

Core Requirement

HP 101 Introduction to Women’s Ministries
BS 204 Condition of the Women in Bible Times
PS 301 Communication Skills
SS 402 Effective Public Speaking
LS 501 Principles of Effective Leadership
WS 608 Advertising Women’s Ministries
NP 701 Assessments in the Local Church
OP 805 Strategies for Evangelism

Electives (choose 3)

BS 205 How to Study the Bible
PS 302 Communication and Conflict Management
PS 306 A Woman of Worth
LS 504 Organizing Retreats and Congresses
LS 506 Professional Appearance
LS 509 Problem Solving and Decision-making Techniques
LS 510 Visioning and Goal Setting
WS 602 Basic Writing Skills
WS 604 Writing Letters
NP 707 Impacting Teenagers
OP 801 Assessment in Local Community

Level 2

Core Requirements

HP 103 Philosophy of Women's Ministries: Roles and Objectives
BS 201 Women of the Old Testament
LS 505 Budget and Finance
PS 303 Principles of Counseling
WS 605 Producing a Newsletter
NP 703 Small Group Ministries and Support Groups
OP 806 Reclaiming Former Members
SS 403 Presenting an Effective Seminar

Electives (choose 3)

PS 304 Principles of Visitation
LS 502 Effective Leadership in Meetings, Committees, and Boards
LS 508 Time Management
LS 514 Program Building/Planning
WS 603 Developing Your Resources
WS 607 Writing Proposals
NP 702 Prayer Ministries
NP 706 Discipling New Members
OP 804 Literacy Training
SS 404 Audio-Visual—Use/Production
OP 808 Woman to Woman in Islam
OP 807 Assessing and Using Community Resources for Women

Level 3

Core Requirements

HP 102 Women’s Roles in E.G. White
BS 202 Women of the New Testament
BS 203 Figures of Speech in the Bible
PS 305 Cultural Sensitivity
PS 307 Balancing Home and Career
OP 802 Outreach Programs
OP 803 Women’s Social and Legal Issues

Electives (choose 3)

SS 401 How to Prepare a Talk/Sermon
SS 405 Public Prayer
LS 503 Small Group Dynamics
LS 507 Relating to Colleagues
LS 511 Mentoring
LS 512 Personality Assessment
LS 513 Managing Volunteers
WS 601 Writing with a Purpose
NP 704 Fellowship Activities
NP 705 Hospitality
NP 708 Spiritual Gifts

Level 4

Core Requirements

LS 515 Leadership Mentoring for the 21st-Century Woman
LS 516 Jesus' Leadership Model
LS 517 Women Mentoring Women
LS 518 Creating Potential Leaders
LS 519 Equipping Leaders for Success
LS 520 The Nature of Relationships in Leadership
LS 521 Women in Leadership in the Bible

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Leadership Certification Level 1

Level 1 seminars introduce necessary skills and knowledge for effective leadership.

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