January 7, Day of Prayer and Fasting, quarterly [GC]

January 11-21, Ten Days of Prayer [GC]
2023 theme is "Back to the Altar."

February 4, World Cancer Day [UN]

February 6, International Day of Zero Tolerance [UN]

March, National Nutrition Month [USA]

March, Women's History Month [USA]

March 4, International Women's Day of Prayer, [GCWM]
2023 resource packet, "Transforming Prayer," written by GC Women's Ministries leaders.

March 8, International Women's Day [UN]

March 18, Global Children's Day [GC]

April 1, Quarterly Day of Fasting and Prayer [GC]

April 7, World Health Day [UN]

April 22, Possibilities Ministries Awareness Day [GC]

May, National Prevention Week, Sexual Assault [USA]

May, National Women's Health Month [USA]

June 3-4, World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk [GC]

June 10, Women's Ministries Emphasis Day [GCWM]
2023 resource packet, to be announced.

June 15, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day [UN]

June 23, International Widows' Day [UN]

July 1, Quarterly Day of Prayer and Fasting [GC]

July 30, World Day Against Trafficking in Persons [UN]

August 26, Enditnow Emphasis Day [GC]
2023 resource packet, to be announced.

September 8, International Literacy Day [UNESCO]

September 9, Family Togetherness Day of Prayer [GC]

September 10, World Suicide Prevention Day [WHO]

October, National Domestic Violence Month [USA]

October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month [USA]

October 1, International Day of Older Persons [UN]
2022 Theme: The Resilience and Contributions of Older Women

October 7, Quarterly Day of Prayer and Fasting [GC]

October 8, Pastor Appreciation Day [GC]

October 10, World Mental Health Day [WHO]

October 17, International Day of Prayer for the Eradication of Poverty [UN]

October 28, Creation Sabbath [GC]

November 4-11, Week of Prayer [GC] 2022 Adventist Review issue

November 19, World Orphans and Vulnerable Children's Day [GC]

November 20, World Children's Day [UN]

November 25, HIV/AIDS Awareness Day [GC]

November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women [UN] Orange the World

December 1, World AIDS Day [UN]

December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities [UN]

December 9, Health Emphasis Day [GC] Contact your local division

December 10, Human Rights Day [UN]