GC WM Associate Directors

Silver Spring, Maryland | General Conference | October 11, 2023

We welcome Galina Stele and bid farewell to Nilde Itin as GC WM associate directors.

During the business session of Annual Council, October 9, Galina Stele, was elected as associate director of GC Women's Ministries. During that same business session, Nilde Itin, who has been serving as associate director of GC Women's Ministries, was elected as associate director of GC Children's Ministries. They will assume their new roles on November 1, 2023.

Galina Stele, D.Min., has served the Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research since 2012 as a research and evaluation manager. Born in Russia (and growing up mostly in Kazakhstan), Stele has traveled the world to serve the Adventist Church in various positions including professor of theology at Zaoksky Theological Seminary in Russia, coordinator and general editor of Shepherdess and Living Church in the Euro-Asia Division, and director of the Euro-Asia Division’s Institute of Missiology.

Galina was the first woman to graduate with a doctorate of ministry from Andrews University in 1996 and is a widely published author. Her special interests are human-subject research, small groups, church member and youth retention, and family matters.She loves being involved with evangelistic events. She is in demand as speaker for evangelistic series, Weeks of Revival, women's and youth congresses, and Total Member Involvement (TMI) events.

Galina's nine years of experience at the division level as Shepherdess Coordinator included many combined events with Women's Ministries. Her practical theology, in-depth Bible study, and love for small groups will fit in well with Women's Ministries goals, objectives, and resources. Her organizational and leadership skills are already a blessing for the world church. "I am excited Galina is coming to work with us," says Heather-Dawn Small, GC WM director.

In her free time, Galina enjoys reading and writing, gardening, cooking, assembling puzzles, and spending time with family, Galina is married to Dr. Artur Stele, General Conference Vice President, and they have an adult son and a grandson.

Nilde Itin was associate director for Children's Ministries, Family Ministries, and Women's Ministries in Northern Asia-Pacific Division before coming to the General Conference. Her heart for ministry with children combined with her master's degree in education has prepared her to work with GC Children's Ministries. Although we will miss her encouraging spirit, dedication, and sweet nature, we wish her the best of God's blessings in her new position."I didn't want to stop the call to Children's Ministries," reports Heather-Dawn, "because Nilde felt the Lord leading her there." After all, our motto is, "I Will Go," whenever God calls us to serve Him no matter where that may be.

Nilde's grasp of the big picture, enthusiasm to take on her new role, and exceptional organizational skills helped her quickly learn her portfolio of responsibilities in Women's Ministries. Since coming to our office in July 2022, she has been systematically strengthening many aspects of our work here. She tried new ways of doing things, especially of the awareness and fundraising for our scholarship fund. She departs with having already made her own mark on this position and she will be missed.

Reported by Rebecca Turner, editorial assistant for GC Women's Ministries