I Love to Listen Day

I Love to Listen Day is observed around the world each year on May 16.

Sabbath, May 16th, is dedicated to listening to the Frontline Champions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Frontline Champions include—but are not limited to—anyone who is essential to keeping our lives safe and as close to a normal routine as possible during the COVID-19 quarantine. Medical personnel, for example, are saving lives on one frontline, and you can create your list of your other Frontline Champions.

This is not a day of silence! Established in 2005, I Love to Listen Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to building a culture where listening is a core value.

Too often the world celebrates speaking, reading, and writing, and forgets listening, our first communication and relationship skill. I Love to Listen Day, also known simply as Listening Day, is the premier international listening day that strengthens the ideals of listening.

Listening Day 2021 marks the 16th year of celebrating the power of listening.

"If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear."—Mark 4:23, ESV

The 2021 I Love to Listen Day celebration activity theme is poetry. The poem "Today I Will Listen" was written to celebrate I Love to Listen Day. It was written in English and is translated into 16 languages. It is interpreted in Braille, American Sign language, and with a talking drum.

Joins us by reciting, recording, reflecting, and sharing this poem or by creating your own.

Today I Will Listen

Today I will listen
Without interrupting
Without prejudging
Without second guessing
Without gazing
Without rehearsing
Without discounting
Without filtering
Without correcting
Without filtering
Without correcting
Without contradicting
Today I will just listen

Today I will listen
With attention
With humility
With respect
With Patience
With understanding
With awe
With gladness
With empathy
With gratitude
With reverence

Today I will just listen

By Marva Shand McIntosh
Copyright 2007

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One woman can make a difference

Meet Marva Shand McIntosh, creator of I Love to Listen Day

Marva Shand McIntosh is an internationally Certified Listening Professional and a nationally certified Speech Language Pathologist who serves in the District of Columbia Public Schools.

Her professional activities include membership in the International Listening Association, the American Speech Language and Hearing Association, and the District of Columbia Speech-Language-Hearing Association. As part of an ongoing commitment to forging partnerships between public school and other educational institutions, Marva consulted as a teacher partner for the Smithsonian Institute, Center for Education and Museum studies. She also guest lectures on listening at various college campuses and in the community.

Her work with community organizations and professional bodies is considerable and includes School Board chair and PTA leader for George E. Peters Elementary school in Hyattsville, Maryland, President of Metropolitan Health Professional Association, and Producer—Radio Reading Service, WLRH-FM Huntsville, Alabama. Marva has presented papers at national conferences, organized health fairs in Antigua, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Guyana, as well as within the state of Maryland.

She is the recipient of several awards including the 2013 Distinguished Leadership Award for the District of Columbia Speech-Language Hearing Association and the 2014 Distinguished Educator Award from the International Listening Association.

Contact information
Website: ilovetolisten.com
Facebook: Marva Shand McIntosh

Speak up for listening on I Love to Listen Day, May 16th.

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2021 Q2, Spring issue

To appear wise, one must talk;
To be wise, one must listen.

For God every day is Listening Day. So let's pray! Read More

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Being listened to and heard is one of the greatest desires of the human heart.
—Richard Carlson