International Women's Day of Prayer, March 4

Women in Inter-America began praying for a month in advance and then invited non-members to join their special day prayer services.

Inter-American Division | IAD WM | Edith Ruiz | May 18, 2023

"Transformed by Prayer" resources blessed more than 800 Seventh-day Adventist churches and 300 groups of people.

Pacific Colombian Conference—More than 800 churches and 300 groups were blessed by the International Women's Day of Prayer topic, "Transformed by Prayer." The women of South Colombian Union Conference worked together enthusiastically to provide a spiritually uplifting day. Church members had been praying with eagerness and fervor during the entire month prior to the International Women’s Day of Prayer. Members gave testimonies about restored relationships with God and health recovered. Prayers had been answered!

Response from the church members was very positive. Friends and guests who had physical and spiritual needs were invited to visit churches on this particular day, and their response was also positive.

The afternoon seminar, “Transforming Prayer,” provided many ideas for developing a personal prayer life. Later, community service was performed and women went out into the surrounding areas to witness by sharing testimonies of the power of prayer and to pray for their neighbors.

Visiting women from another denomination were so impacted by the Day of Prayer program that they took it back to their own churches.

Central Dominican Conference—This day of prayer in the Dominican Union Conference greatly impacted the lives of women in the church and guests. Several groups of women from another denomination attended  Adventist churches on Sabbath, including the Quisqueya Central Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Invited by the coordinator of women’s ministry of each church, the visiting women were so impacted by the programming that they decided to carry the same prayer activity and program to their church and to begin their own women’s ministries department. Women in central Dominican Republic give all the glory to our God for this ministry opportunity and the new friendship.

Photos: WM in Colombia and the Dominican Republic
Contributed by Edith Ruiz-Espinoza, director of Women's Ministries of Inter-American Division (IAD)

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2023 Q2