Women's Ministries

Impacting Teenagers

Guiding teenagers in negotiating their world is quite different than what you experienced as a teen. This Women's Ministries seminar equips you for the mission.

Don’t be afraid to discuss anything they want to talk about, but help them look for God’s principles and not be sidetracked by today’s culture. Young people today desperately need and want to learn how to apply the Bible to their daily lives and choices.

In planning activities for young people, it is our responsibility to know their main needs and then create programs that will meet those needs and help our young women grow toward mature Christian adulthood. Use them. Mentor them. Provide for their needs. But most importantly, help them discover how the Bible, God, and living a Christian life are relevant to their daily life and daily choices. Help them discover and use their gifts, talents, and passions in ministry.

What Women's Ministries Can Do

  • Be a good listener—really hear what they’re saying rather than looking for opportunities to “teach” or “preach.”
  • Be accepting—don’t be judgmental of their feelings—they are their feelings regardless of what you think; let them express their doubts.
  • Be yourself—don’t try to act like a teen or to be “cool.”
  • Be interested—ask open-ended questions, learn what they’re interested in, and ask questions about those things, too.
  • Be genuine—young people can spot someone who is fake a mile away and won’t respond or feel respected.
  • Be prayerful—young people today need adults who care enough to take them to God with love.

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Written by Roxy Hoehn and updated by Tamyra Horst for Women's Ministries Leadership Certification Program, Level 1