"I Will Go, I Will Glow"

Philippines | SSD WM | Virgie Baloyo | March 2, 2023

In northern Philippines, 270 Adventist women train to Go and GLOW (Go Light Our World)

Two hundred seventy delegates from the North Philippines came together to learn how to share the Light of the World to their respective communities, during the North Philippine Union Conference-wide Go Light Our World (GLOW) program held at Manila Adventist College on February 3–4, 2023. Leading the pool of spirit-filled speakers on Sabbath was Nilde Itin, Associate Director for Women's Ministries at the General Conference. She inspired the women leaders with the keys to “evangelism victory,” with God’s intervention as the Master Key. In her Commitment message Sister Nilde encouraged everyone to get involved in evangelism, be His witnesses, and commit to Go, GLOW, and Grow in the Lord.

Pastor Gerardo Cajobe, North Philippine Union Conference (NPUC) President, supported the program and keynoted it at Vespers. While emphasizing Care Group, Pastor Marvin Diaz, NPUC Ministerial Secretary and NDR-IEL Field Secretary accentuated the role of women in evangelism and discipleship.

As with all Go Light Our World (GLOW) evangelism training in the Southern Asia Pacific Division, the participants were trained by SSD WM Director Virgie Baloyo (pictured left) to share the Healthy and Happy Evangelism Manual in a Care Group setting. Healthy and Happy is a resource that integrates health evangelism in a Christ-centered approach. Each 15 sermon starts with a relevant health issue as springboard for compatible biblical concept.

The inspiring presence and testimonies of WM directors representing 14 countries in the SSD region made the Sabbath worship and training even more joyful. The SSD WM Team’s attendance at the training highlighted their directors’ advisory experience held days earlier.

All delegates, representing the eight NPUC missions and conferences, were composed of directors and leaders of Women and Family Ministries, NDR-IEL Coordinators, Education directors, superintendents, and school principals. This collaborative "I Will GO, I Will GLOW" program was organized by the WM department with the full support of NPUC administrators.

Photo credits: SSD WM
Written by Virgie Baloyo, Women’s Ministries director for Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD)

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2023 Q2