"Live Fully, Flourish!"

Mongolia | NSD WM | Raquel Arrais | July 30, 2023

Adventist women of Mongolia flourish at the first-ever event held for single women.

In Ulaanbaatar, 60 women joyfully attended the first event for single women held by Women’s Ministries (WM) of the Mongolian Mission.

The theme “Live Fully, Flourish!” was especially appropriate for single women who often feel challenged in a society that is centered on the high value of having a family. Although the women in Mongolia are very independent and self-sufficient, they need to recognize their value in God’s eyes.

Presentations addressed the topics of being “enough,” how to date (for the younger women), inner beauty, when dreams shatter, being loved, blessed, and a blessing for others. Divorce rate abounds in Mongolia due to domestic violence, and many single parents need encouragement.

The speakers at the meetings were Raquel Arrais, WM director for Northern Asia-Pacific Division, Dagmar Dorn WM director for Inter-European Division, Pastor Oyuntuya Batsukh, WM and Family Ministries director for Mongolia Mission, one of the eight women pastors of the mission, and Pastor Bold Batsukh of the Ministerial Association in Mongolia.

How wonderful to share and learn from each other. Women expressed their joy and appreciation in their positive feedback as they dedicated themselves to reach other women for Jesus.

During the two-day weekend event, June 24-25, the attendance varied between 40 and 60 women from Ulaanbaatar and the surrounding areas.

The Seventh-day Adventist presence in Mongolia began 30 years ago, and now there are 3,100 church members in a nation of 3 million.

Photo credits: NSD WM
Contributed by Raquel Arrais, director of Women’s Ministries for Northern Asia-Pacific Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2023 Q3