"Come to the Spring"

[Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia] The first Trans-European Division (TED) Women’s Ministries congress in late September drew more than 200 women to Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia. Guest speakers included TED President Raafat Kamal, TED Executive Secretary Audrey Andersson, and Raquel Arrais, GCWM associate director. Australian speaker Debby Mayer, founder of the Language of Flowers ministry, used her own vulnerability with illustrations of flowers and plants to reveal God's love and show how He uses our brokenness to minister to others going through similar experiences. The conference theme “Come to the Spring” invited attendees to taste the living water and use it to bless others.

Kamal (center) with Andersson (center left) and Sanches (center right) and union WM leaders

Using the Lord’s Supper language to illustrate her message, Arrais (pictured above), revealed how Christ took us (chose us as women), then blessed us (with gifts and talents), then broke us (through trials and tribulations), and then gave us (re-made us) to reach out and minister to others.

Anderson-Grey portrays Lydia

Congress organizer Clair Sanches-Schutte, TED WM director, provided many opportunities for attendees to learn in seminars, to pray and worship, and to engage in sensory activities through music and spirit-filled experiences.

Candles and inspirational music by the praise team brought in the Sabbath with a special touch. The next day Sanches surprised the women with a slice of "Sabbath cake" and a cup of tea to make the transition of saying goodbye to Sabbath a little less difficult.

"Women in the Frame," a dramatization by Elleni-jaye Anderson-Grey of England, drew women directly into the pages of the Bible with her intense depictions of Eve, Lydia, and the Woman at the well. The puppet ministry of the characters Eb and Flo was presented by Annette Moore and Dexter Sanches.

Women worship with music and praise

The outreach program in Maribor's town square was the highlight of the conference for many ladies. More than 100 women helped with a health expo in conjunction with the activities planned by Maribor's Messy Church team. Face painting, coloring books and coloring pencils for children and flowers and literature for adults gave participants experience in community outreach. An offering, roughly the equivalent to USD$3,000, will assist two local children who have been identified by town officials as having special needs.

Contributed by Sandra Golding, tedNEWS. See news article here.