On Decluttering Life and Letting Go

Germany | EUD WM news | Lydia Lukic | April 4, 2023

Clearing space in the soul to meet with God is as important as decluttering home and garden.

"Decluttering life and letting go" was the motto of the meeting day, March 26, for women in Weiden, Germany. About 40 women came together to enjoy fellowship and exchange on this day.

Kathrin Karban-Völkl, a certified religious educator, walked the participants through the topic of "Decluttering Life," authentically, vividly, and with a smile on her lips.

"Let's decide that we don't need so much anymore," the speaker advised the audience. “Not everything always has to end up in the garbage bin,” she said, “but can be passed on to second-hand stores or stores run by charitable associations, such as the ADRA store. It is also important to meet people who do you good and to be grateful for the beautiful moments and things in life. As humans, we always need an inner space to find God. In addition to house and garden, the soul needs moments of clearing out and letting go.”

The fellowship meal, the loving table decorations, the warm hospitality of the brothers and sisters of the Weiden Seventh-day Adventist church—all this contributed to a beautiful and blessed day. It was a day for joy, for satisfying encounters, and for establishing new impulses. Thanks to all!

Photo credit: WM Germany
As reported by Lydia Lukic, Women’s Ministries Director, Bavarian Conference, Inter-European Division (EUD)

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2023 Q2